Ward's Battery (Alabama Artillery)

        Ward's battery, Capt. John J. Ward, was recruited in northern Alabama, and served with the army of Mississippi until the summer of 1864, when it was assigned to Storrs' battalion, army of Tennessee. It took part in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign, serving in many battles, being highly commended at Kenesaw Mountain for courage under severe fire. Captain Ward was mortally wounded near Nashville, July 27, 1864. He was succeeded in command by Capt. S. R. Cruse.

Extracts From Official War Records

         No. 42--(39) In Slaughter's brigade, Mobile, June 8, 1863. (131, 157) In Cantey's brigade, Mobile, August. No. 58--(547, 548, 582) Department of the Gulf, January, 1864.
        No. 59--(861) In Fuller's brigade, Mobile, April, 1864.
        No. 74--(646, et seq.) Storrs' battalion, Polk's corps, Atlanta campaign. (873) Mentioned in report of Charles Vanderford, chief of ordnance. (901) Commended by Gen. S. G. French, Kenesaw Mountain, June 27th. (904) Captain Ward mortally wounded, near Atlanta, July 27th; Gen. S. G. French says: "Captain Ward was a fine soldier, and his loss was severely felt." (910, 911, 968) Mentioned in General Young's and Major Storrs' reports of July 27th.
        No. 75--(668) Ordered to report to General Polk, May 5, 1864. (686) Ordered to Rome, Ga., May 9th. (771) Near Kenesaw mountain, June 12th. No. 76 --(989) Mentioned in Stewart's corps, August 25th. No. 78--(858) Stewart's corps, September 20th.

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