Shenandoah Valley Campaign of Jackson
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Battle Description Overall description of the events in the Valley Campaign.
Detailed Description Of The Campaign Very Good, very long detailed description with a Southern slant, taken from the Confederate Military History.
Summary Of The Principal Events Taken from the Official Records
Stonewall Jackson In The Shenandoah Want to know why they called it Jackson's Foot Cavalry? Well, this article written by John D. Imboden, Brigadier-General, C.S.A., pretty well says it all.
Jackson's Staff A list of Jackson's staff during this campaign and the position each held.

Official Records

Union Reports
Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks
Maj. Gen. John C. Fremont
Maj. Gen. James Shields
Brig. Gen. George D. Bayard

Confederate Reports
Lieut. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson
Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell
Brig. Gen. Richard Taylor
Brig. Gen. Charles S. Winder