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USS Peosta

Displacement: 233 tons.
Dimensions: 151ft 2in x 34ft 3in x 6ft (when fully loaded)
Speed: 5 knots.
Armament: In 1863 had three 30-pdr Parrott rifles, three 32-pdr, 42-cwt, six 24-pdr howitzers, and two heavy 12-pdr smoothbores.

        Peosta was a wooden sidewheel steamer purchased for $22,000 at Dubuque, Iowa, in June 1863, and ready for service on October 2, 1863. She served on the Tennessee River and was in action against a strong Confederate land and river offensive designed to capture Paducah and roll back the Union line along the river.
        She was sold at Mound City, Illinois in August 1865 to John Waggener for $8350.

Source:  "Warships and Naval Battles of the Civil War" By Tony Gibbons

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