The Siege of Vicksburg
(May 18 - July 4, 1863)
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Battle Description Short description of the events leading to the surrender of Vicksburg plus a map as of July 3, 1863.
The Union Version The Union side of the story as written by U.S. Grant.  Taken from Battles and leaders
The Confederate Version The Confederate side of the story.  Taken from the Confederate Military History.
The Vicksburg Mine Long before they made the "Crater" at Petersburg, they made a pretty big hole in the ground at Vicksburg. Right under the 3rd Louisiana Infantry!
Vicksburg During the Siege Just a great description of what it was like inside the city during the siege.


From the Official Records
Order of Battle (Union) Presents the organization of the Union forces at Vicksburg under Grant.
Order of Battle (Confederate)   Presents the organization of the Confederate forces at Vicksburg under Pemberton.

Official Reports

Union Reports
Maj. Gen. Frank P. Blair, jr.
Brig. Gen. Hugh Ewing
Maj. Gen. Francis J. Herron
Brig. Gen. Alvin P. Hovey
Brig. Gen. Jacob G. Lauman
Brig. Gen. Mortimer D. Leggett
Brig. Gen. Peter J. Osterhaus
Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman

Confederate Reports
Brig. Gen. W. E. Baldwin
Brig. Gen. John S. Bowen
Maj. Gen. John H. Forney
Brig. Gen. Louis Hébert
Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Lee
Brig. Gen. John C. Moore
Maj. Gen. M. L. Smith
Maj. Gen. Carter L. Stevenson