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Roddey's Fourth Alabama Cavalry

        Roddey's Fourth Alabama was organized at Tuscumbia in October, 1862, and was sent to middle Tennessee, where it wintered, but early in the spring was sent into north Alabama. It met Dodge's advance below Tuscumbia, and was engaged in the pursuit of Streight. It was engaged most of the time in Roddey's brigade, repelling raids in north Alabama and making daring attacks. It was publicly commended in April, 1863, by General Bragg, for good discipline, etc. In the spring of 1864 it was transferred to the department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana, and fought with severe loss at Tishomingo in June, 1864. It repelled Wilson's raid, fighting all the way from Montevallo to Selma, where a large portion of the regiment was captured. Its first colonel, P. D. Roddey, was early in the war made brigadier, and was succeeded in the command by Col. William A. Johnson, who led the regiment the greater part of the war; Lieutenant-Colonel Windes being for a short time in command. Colonel Johnson was wounded at Pulaski. Maj. Dick Johnson was killed near Moulton, Capt. James Williams at Courtland, and Capt. Thomas Williams near Huntsville. Capt. John C. Nelson was wounded and captured.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(246) Gen. G. M. Dodge (Union) reports Colonel Roddey's regiment, 800 strong, at Tuscumbia landing, April 17, 1863. (708) Mentioned by Gen. John A. Wharton, March 18, 1863. Letter from Col. P. D. Roddey, Chapel Hill. (720, 721) Gen. J. A. Wharton, March 18th, says: "Part of regiment ordered to advance to College Grove." Letter from Colonel Roddey, Chapel Hill, March 22d. (728) General Bragg's order, March 28th, says: "Col. P. D. Roddey's regiment of Alabama cavalry is detached from Brigadier-General Martin's division, and will proceed to northern Alabama. On his arrival at the Tennessee river, Colonel Roddey will relieve Brig.-Gen. S. A.M. Wood, in command of the district of Northern Alabama. (731) Letter from. Colonel Roddey, Chapel Hill, March 31, 1863. (737)
    General orders, No. 69, headquarters army of Tennessee, April 2, 1863: "The general commanding is gratified at the inspection report of Colonels Roddey and Patterson's regiments of cavalry, made by Lieutenant-Colonel Grenfell, inspector of cavalry. The officers and men of these regiments were found to be zealous in the performance of their respective duties, the discipline was excellent, and the conduct of the men toward the citizens in the neighborhood of their camp was most praiseworthy. The arms were in good condition, and the clothing of the men neat and uniform. The general commanding tenders his thanks to Colonels Roddey and Patterson and the gallant officers and men of their commands for the interest manifested by them in perfecting their discipline and increasing their efficiency." (944) Col. W. A. Johnson, Roddey's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Bragg's army, July 31st.
        No. 37--(674) Mentioned by Colonel Hatch (Union) in skirmishes on Forked Deer river, Tenn., July 13, 1863.
        No. 38--(192) Roddey's regiment, 800 strong, with General Roddey at Tuscumbia, Ala., April, 1863. (614) In Roddey's brigade, Martin's division, Major-General Van Dorn's corps, February 2d.
        No. 53--(501) In Roddey's brigade, Morgan's division, Wheeler's corps, army of Tennessee, August 15, 1863.
        No. 54--(593, 594, 604) Mentioned in Federal reports.
        No. 55--(664) In Roddey's brigade, detached, Wheeler's corps, Bragg's army, November 20, 1863.
        No. 58--(237) W. A. Johnson's troops fight on Lamb's Ferry road, January, 1864. (339) Opposite Florence, February 6th. (590) In Roddey's brigade, Wharton's division, Wheeler's corps, army of Tennessee, Johnston commanding, January 20th.
        No. 59--(389, 735) In north Alabama, April, 1864.
        No. 74--(642) Roddey's brigade transferred to department Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana, April, 1864.
        No. 77--(231) Nine wounded in battle of Tishomingo Creek, June 10, 1864. (544) General Forrest says: "Colonel Johnson and his brave troops on this occasion acted with conspicuous gallantry in marching up and assaulting the enemy's works." Report of Sulphur Springs Trestle, September 25th. (545, 547, 549) Colonel Johnson's troops mentioned in same report. "Colonel Johnson displayed every soldierly virtue. He was prompt in obeying orders. I regret to say that while gallantly leading his troops he was severely wounded."
        No. 79--(278, 450) Between Fort Deposit and Guntersville, October, 1864.
        No. 93--(641, 642) In north Alabama under Lieutenant-Colonel Windes, June 10, 1865. (1233) In Roddey's brigade, district of North Alabama, November 20, 1864.
        No. 94--(634) Assignment as above; Maj.-Gen. D. H. Maury commanding department, December 1, 1864.
        No. 103--(510, 1031) Ordered to Montevallo, March, 1865.
        Williams' Battalion: No. 59--(429) In north Alabama, April 18, 1864. (735) Mentioned by R. W. Walker as near Moulton, March 26th. No. 77--(231) One killed, 5 wounded, at the battle of Tishomingo Creek, June 10, 1864. No. 99--(1150) Mentioned by Maj. John Devereux as having been originally in Hannon's command.
        Julian's Battalion, Alabama Cavalry: Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(961) In Roddey's brigade, General Wheeler's corps, August 10, 1863. No. 53--(501) Same.
        Newsom's company. Vol. XVI, Part I--(828) Mentioned and commended by Brig.-Gen. T. C. Armstrong in report of skirmish near Courtland, July 25, 1862. No. 58--(614) In Bell's brigade, Forrest's cavalry, January 25, 1864.

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