Our position now is on Clearview Road, about 2 1/2 miles southeast of Taneytown. Gen Reynolds would have commanded three corps in this area which Meade referred to as the left wing. The road on the right is Old Taneytown Pike, and is a direct link from Taneytown to Westminster. Gen. Meade's intended headquarters location, Frizzellburg, is on this road, less than about 3 miles to the rear. You are looking northwesterly toward Taneytown. This position, because of it's height, would have probably been part of the Pipe Creek Line even though some maps show the line to be north of this position, about 1/2 mile in the foreground. Gettysburg, not visible, is about 15 miles ahead and to the right center of the picture.

Well, thus ends the tour of the Pipe Creek Line as it looks today. I hope you can understand now, after reading Buckshot's article, and seeing the terrain for yourself that Lee was probably lucky to get out with what he had. Whether the battle was going to be fought at Gettysburg, Taneytown, or anyplace in between, the Union held the high ground.

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