Battle of Nashville

Nov 14, 1864 Maj Gen John M Schofield, U S  Army, assumes command; of U S  forces at Pulaski, Tenn
Nov 16-20, 1864 Skirmishes on the line of Shoal Creek, Ala
Nov 17, 1864 Skirmish near Maysville, Ala
  Skirmish near New Market, Ala
Nov 19, 1864 Skirmish at Duckett's Plantation, near Paint Rock River, Ala
Nov 22, 1864 Action at Lawrenceburg, Tenn
Nov 23, 1864 Skirmish at Henryville, Tenn
  Skirmish at Fouché Springs, Tenn
  Action at Mount Pleasant, Tenn
Nov 24, 1864 Action at Campbellsville, Tenn
  Skirmish at Lynnville, Tenn
Nov 24-27, 1864 Skirmishes in front of Columbia, Tenn
Nov 28, 1864 Skirmishes at crossings of Duck River, Tenn
  Skirmish at Shelbyville, Tenn
Nov 29, 1864 Action at the Columbia Ford, Tenn;  Engagement at Spring Hill, Tenn;  Skirmish at Mount Carmel, Tenn;  Skirmish near Rally Hill, Tenn;  Affair at Thompson's Station, Tenn
Nov 30, 1864 Skirmish at Thompson's Station, Tenn
  Battle of Franklin, Tenn
Dec 1, 1864 Action at Owen's Cross-Roads, Tenn
Dec 1-14, 1864 Operations about Nashville, Tenn
Dec 2, 1864 Brig  Gen  Thomas J  Wood, U S   Army, assumes command of the Fourth Army Corps, vice Major-General Stanley, wounded at battle of Franklin
Dec 2-4, 1864 Operations against stockades and block-houses on Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad, Tenn
Dec 4, 1864 Action at Bell's Mills, Tenn
Dec 5-7, 1864 Demonstrations against Murfreesborough, Tenn
Dec 6, 1864 Action at Bell's Mills, Tenn
Dec 7, 1864 Skirmish near Paint Rock Bridge, Ala
Dec 13, 1864 Attack on railroad train near Murfreesborough, Tenn
Dec 15, 1864 Capture of railroad train near Murfreesborough, Tenn
Dec 15-16, 1864 Battle of Nashville, Tenn
Dec 17, 1864 Action at Hollow Tree Gap, Tenn
  Action at Franklin, Tenn
  Action at West Harpeth River, Tenn
Dec 18, 1864 Skirmish at Spring Hill, Tenn
Dec 19, 1864 Skirmish at Rutherford's Creek, Tenn
  Skirmish at Curtis' Creek, Tenn
Dec 20, 1864 Skirmish at Columbia, Tenn
Dec 22, 1864 Skirmish at Duck River, Tenn
Dec 23, 1864 Skirmish at Warfield's, near Columbia, Tenn
Dec 24, 1864 Skirmish at Lynnville, Tenn
  Action at Richland Creek, Tenn
Dec 25, 1864 Skirmish at Richland Creek, Tenn
  Action at King's (or Anthony's) Hill, or Devil's Gap, Tenn
Dec 26, 1864 Action at Sugar Creek, Tenn
Dec 27, 1864 Skirmish at Decatur, Ala
Dec 28, 1864 Skirmish near Decatur, Ala
Dec 29, 1864 Skirmish at Hillsborough, Ala
  Skirmish at Pond Spring, Ala
Dec 30, 1864 Skirmish near Leighton, Ala
Dec 31, 1864 Affair at Paint Rock Bridge, Ala
  Skirmish at Russellville, Ala
Jan 4, 1865 Skirmish near Thorn Hill, Ala
Jan 9, 1865 Reconnaissance from Eastport to Iuka, Miss
Jan 15-18, 1865 The Twenty-third Army Corps embarks at Clifton, Tenn, for the East
Jan 19, 1865 Skirmish at Corinth, Miss
Jan 23, 1865 General John B  Hood, C  S  Army, relinquishes command of the Army of Tennessee