My Guns, His Guns!
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        After the Civil War was over and the soldiers of both sides began to get on with their lives and the history of the war was beginning to be written, there began a great deal of finger pointing as to whose fault certain actions and their outcomes were.  Since General James Longstreet, CSA, had changed his politics and embraced the Republican Party, it was only natural that he would take a lot of criticism from his fellow Confederates. The following articles, taken from the Southern Historical Society Papers, represent a very small sample of what he had to endure.  As chance would have it General Stephen D. Lee (no relation to Robert E.) read in the Southern Historical Society Papers Longstreet's account of his (Longstreet's) actions at Gettysburg and took some exception to the writing about the action at 2nd Manassas and wrote to the Southern Historical Society detailing what he professed to be the truth of 2nd Manassas. Longstreet in turn read Lee's article and replied. Then Lee read Longstreet's reply and responded. These articles, in order to receive the full impact, should be read in the order presented.  There is also an article by Col. Robert M. Mayo that takes exception to Longstreet being responsible for the repulse at the Deep Cut.

The Second Battle of Manassas, A Reply to Gen. Longstreet. This is the first article were S.D. Lee is challenging something Longstreet had written.
The Artillery at 2nd Manassas (Longstreet's reply to S.D. Lee). After reading S.D. Lee's article, this is Longstreet's reply.
Rejoinder of S.D. Lee S.D. Lee just couldn't let it rest.  This is his reply to Longstreet's reply.
Article by Col. Robert M. Mayo Mayo decided to join in with his own article.

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