This is Mr. and Mrs Saber at the Blue and Gray Ball in Wilmington DE last year. His suit is a copy of a suit that Ashley Wilkes wore in GWTW except for the material and color. It was done from a picture in a coffee table book on GWTW that Mrs. Saber has. Mrs. Saber's dress is quite a story.

Before they were into re-enacting he took Mrs. Saber and their daughter to Gettysburg on a 4th of July weekend in 1993. When Mrs. Saber saw the dresses she had to have one. You see she is somewhat the frustrated actress (and no doubt she would be a good one). The dress that she bought that weekend looks nothing like the dress does now. It had no beads or lace and had short sleeves. They met Madam Claudette at the Neshimany re-enactment the following year. She pointed out to Mrs. Saber that what she had was a plain evening dress that would not be worn during the day.

Needless to say Mr. Saber bought her another dress and have been buying them ever since. When they decided to go to the ball in Gettysburg on Remembrance Day 1995 and Mrs. Saber needed a ball gown, Madam Claudette came to the rescue and created the dress that you see in the picture. She also made the suit. In fact Madam Claudette, except for one shirt , has made all their clothes.