Civil War Letter From LeRoy McAfee

LeRoy McAfee, was the Uncle of the author of the letter from Fredricksburg, John Damron. They were in the same unit.

Goldsboro, S.C.
May 14th, 1862

My dear sister;

        I have just read your letter sent by Mr. Wray. It was truly encouraging and contains wholesome truth which I hope will prove of benefit to me. Our parting was painful and my heart now sadens at the remembrance of it. Never had the circumstances been the same. Our family circle had by the hand of providence been rendered happy and social, but the same hand by other causes has caused us to be separated perhaps forever. This is kept hidden in the future. I had just made up my mind to settle in Shelby to return to my once loved home to (illegible) and be (illegible), and do every thing in my power to make my mother happy. For god knows her latter days on earth ought to be blessed with happiness, for she has seen trouble. But providence has ordered otherwise and we must submit with all humbleness. My motto has ever been to do the best I could under all circumstance. My purpose is to do the very best I can and do my duty.
        I have been protected before by a higher power when danger was nigh and I have been thankful for it. Not as much as I should have been. I have at times been led astray and have wandered from the path of duty. I hope to be humbler, live a better life and love God more. I pray his protection in the hour of danger and his deliverance from disease death and the cursing influences of camp life. I pray to live to the good and be of service to my country. I pray to get back home to comfort my poor mother and make her happy. I pray to live the life of a Christian and after the war is over and my country free and my labors on earth completed I pray to die the death of all humble followers of Christ. I have been unwell but am better now. Tell Annsi to come right on and bring two pillows a blanket, and comfort. I have lost my camp chest. It was impossible for me to get it on at Charlotte & I left it in the agents care & he sent it but I have never received it. All items clothes & bed clothes are in it. I hope I will get it yet. It is marked. I send this to mother and she can send it out to you. John is well. Write soon and direct to Maj. Leroy M. McAfee 49th Reg. NCT. Goldsboro, S.C. It will come (illegible).

Lee M. McAfee

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