Livingston's Eighth Alabama Cavalry

        This regiment was organized at Gadsden, Ala., and ordered to Blue Mountain in July, 1864. It operated in the vicinity of the army of Tennessee around Dalton, and was with General Pillow for several months, when it was transferred to Clanton's brigade. It fought at Ten Islands, was sent to west Florida, and fought Steele's column at Bluff Spring with heavy loss. It then fought Wilson's corps as he advanced, and finally surrendered at Gainesville. Capt. John Moore was killed at Ten Islands; Capt. J. F. Watson was killed near Pollard; Capt. T. J. Atkinson was wounded near Decatur and near Guntersville. This regiment was often called the Ninth, and is sometimes confused with Malone's Ninth, or Hatch's Eighth.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 58--(651) General Clanton ordered to establish headquarters at Gadsden, Ala., and complete organization of the Eighth, February 1, 1864.
        No. 75--(760) June 5, 1864, Col. Henry J. Livingston, with 200 to 250 men, ordered by General Pillow from Montevallo to Blue Mountain.
        No. 78--(636) June 5, 1864, General Pillow ordered regiment, 200 to 250 strong, from Montevallo to Blue Mountain. (681) Ordered to Blue Mountain, July 1st. (791) In Clanton's brigade with General Adams, August 21st.
        Nos. 93, 94--In Clanton's brigade with General Taylor, November and December, 1864.

        No. 103--(302-308) Mentioned in front of the Union lines in operations March 25, April 9 and June 6, 1865, near Escambia river. (834) Six hundred strong, February 25th. (1047) Under Lieut.-Col. Thomas L. Faulkner, in Clanton's brigade with General Maury, March 10th.
        No. 104--(118-226) Mentioned in Union reports, March and April, 1865.