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Abiel Teple LaForge  Letters and Diary
Abram Fulkerson
Absolom A. Harrison's Letters
Alexander, Joseph, and Ezra Slagg Letters
American Civil War Collection
Anderson-Reavis Correspondence

Bates News: Civil War Era Letters Discovered at Bates College
Black Soldier to his Enslaved Daughters
Butler Letters

Caley Family Correspondence.
Calvin Shedd Papers; The Civil War in Florida: Letters of a New Hampshire Soldier
Captain Richard W. Burt: Civil War Letters From The 76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Christie Family Letters
Christopher C. McKinney Letters  
Civil War Letters of Private Abram Clendenning, 5th Ohio SS
Civil War Letters of the Bond and Edwards Families
Civil War Love Letters
Civil War Writings: 1861-65
Cochran Family Letters, 1860-1861
Commanding Boston's Irish Ninth: The Civil War Letters of Colonel Patrick R. Guiney
Complete Civil War Journal and Selected Letters of Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Confederate Doctor Cares for the Wounded in Winchester, VA
Correspondence Of Rev. James S. Griffing and J. Augusta Goodrich
Christie Family Letters

Dwight Henry Cory Letters and Diary

Follett Civil War Letters  
Friendship Lost (Letters of George W. Cullum & Francis H. Smith)

General Alexander C. McClurg, Letter to the Dial, 1896

Harrison E. Randall Letters
Henry H. Maley Letters
Henry Stokes Figures Letter
Herbert Benezet Tyson Letters
How Bitter It Does Make My Heart To Think Of It

I Am Constantly Under Fire.
In Order to Capture Atlanta
Indiana Civil War Letters
Indiana Diaries, Letters, Stories and Miscellaneous
Isaac Ira White Letter

James B. Jordan Letter
James H. Jameson letters
John M. Jackson Letters
James Parkison Letters
John Pugh Letters
Juckett Family Civil War Letters

Lee's Entire Army Surrendered To Grant
Letter from 1862 Alabama
Letter From James L. Johnson to Mary L. Johnson
Letter from the Civil War
Letter Home
Letters from Silas Gore
Letters of Henry Albert Potter
Letter of Levi Pennington (December 1862
Letters of Matthew Fontaine Maury (VMI Archives)
Letters of Richard W. Burt of the 76th Ohio Infantry
Letters of the Civil War
Letters from an Iowa Soldier: Newton and Hannah Scott
Loughborough Family Papers
Michael Hileman Memoirs
Montgomery Dent Corse Letters

Peed Family Letters
Pension Requests from an Ex-slave
POW Letters of Brigadier General Montgomery Corse

R. Henry Campbell Letters
Read Family Correspondence
Richard W. Burt Letters
Robert E. Lee and Santa Claus
Robert K. Byrd to Henry J. Welcker, 24 May 1862

Sallie Seeper Scott Letter, April 15, 1865
Samuel S. Dunton Civil War Letters
Samuel T. Reeves Correspondence
Samuel V. Fulkerson Letters
Selected letters of SGT Ambrose Doss -- 19th Ala Inf Regt, Co. C
Shriver Family Correspondence
Smith Family Letters
Taylor Family Correspondence
Thomas Family Correspondence

Wesley Walk Bradly Letters
William Combs Letters
William H. Johnson's Civil War Letters
William Moore Parkinson; Civil War Letters

Valley of The Shadow: The Eve of War, Diaries and Letters
Valley of The Shadow: The War Years, Diaries and Letters
Various Soldiers' Letters


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