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Casualties, Geography, Geology, Postal Service, and Sports & Leisure


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Confederate Mapping

Did the Mason-Dixon Line Really Run Through New Jersey?

Geography and Strategic Importance of the Valley
Geography as the Setting of American History

Geography of the Valley of the Shadow
Geography of War

History and Geography of the Underground Railroad


Surveying Battlefield Resources
Surveying for Robert E. Lee

The Mississippi River in the Civil War

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Confederate Niter Production
Confederate Salt Works
Confederate Saltpeter Mining in Northern Alabama

Geological Surveys Before the Civil War
Geology of the Civil War Battle of Chickamauga  

History of West Virginia Coal Industry

Saltville, Southwestern Virginia Civil War Era Production Facility
San Francisco Gold Rush Chronology (1862-1865)

Viewing the Civil War Through a Geological Window

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Postal Service

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Sports & Leisure

Chess Secrets (See Gen. Sherman vs. Gen. Thomas)
Civil War All Stars 
Entertainment in the Camp

Gambling in the U.S. Military
Gaurds and the Skating Masquerade, 1864  

Soldiers' Respite

Victorian Dance Ensemble

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