Absolom A. Harrison's Civil War Letter #2

( No date or location given )

Dear Wife,

        You wrote to know whether you must sell that corn or not. I expect you had better sell it at whatever you can get for it if it is wasting and manage the best you can. I would like to be at home to manage for you. I want you to stay where you are at and be as content as you can. And put your trust in One who is able to guide us all through all our difficulties. I think if the Lord will spare me to get home once more I will do better than I ever done before. I never go to bed without a prayer at heart that He will permit me to see my lovely wife and children once more and if it is His will He is able to carry us all through all difficulties and if it is His will that I shall never see you again I pray that He will take care of you and the children. I must bring my letter to a close so nothing more at present but remaining your affectionate husband until death.

A. A. Harrison

P.S. You must write as often as you can and tell all inquiring friends that I would be glad to see them all. Be sure and take good care of our sweet little children. God bless their little hearts. Bardstown.

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