Hardaway's Battery (Alabama Artillery)

        Hardaway's battery was recruited and armed by its first captain, Robert A. Hardaway; was sent to Virginia in 1861, and remained at Manassas until March, 1862. With the army of Northern Virginia, it saw continuous service during the war.
        In the battle of Seven Pines, in the Seven Days' battles, and in all the great battles around Richmond, it gained the highest distinction. General Hill, the division commander, repeatedly commended this battery for gallant service, and speaks of Hardaway as the best practical artillerist he had seen in the service. Stonewall Jackson also commended its action at Fredericksburg. It lost heavily in the Seven Days' battles. It was also engaged and suffered severely at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, the Wilderness, Spottsylvania and a great number of smaller engagements, finally surrendering at Appomattox. At the battle of Gettysburg it was called Hurt's battery, Captain Hardaway having been promoted to lieutenant-colonel and placed in command of a battalion, and succeeded by Captain Hurt, who was wounded in this battle. Capt. John W. Tullis was wounded and captured at Gettysburg. Lieut. George A. Ferrell was in command of the battery when it was surrendered at Appomattox.

Extracts From Official War Records

     Vol. XI, Part I--(946) In D. H. Hill's division, at Seven Pines.
    Vol. XI, Part 2--(485) In D. H. Hill's division, Seven Days' battles, June 26 to July 1, 1862. (505) In Anderson's brigade; 12 wounded. (511) Mentioned, near Richmond, July 15th. (561) In battle of June 30th. (623) D. H. Hill's report, Hardaway's battery drove enemy's artillery from field. (624, 626) D. H. Hill reports battery distinguished at Mechanicsville and Cold Harbor. (630) One killed, 25 wounded, Seven Days' fights.
    Vol. XI, Part 3--(615) One hundred and ten present before Richmond, June 28, 1862. (Called Hardaway's Jeff Davis.) (650) Gen. D. H. Hill's division, July 23d. (690) Two guns burst during Seven days' battles.
    Vol. XIX, Part I--(809, 836) In D. H. Hill's division, Maryland campaign. (838) Mentioned, Captain Barnwell's report. (1024) Mentioned, D. H. Hill's report of operations, July 23d to September 17th.
     Vol. XIX, Part 2--(143) Commended, Gen. J. E. B. Stuart's report.
    Vol. XXI--(36, 37) Highly commended in D. H. Hill's report of retreat of Yankee gunboats from Port Royal, Va., December 4, 1862. These gunboats, 4 in number, carried 21 guns, and had a complement of some 500 men. Hardaway opened upon them with his Whitworth gun, at a distance of 3 miles, and kept up his pitting until dark, when they fled down the river. This same gun of Hardaway's, at Upperville, drove entirely off the field a Yankee battery of artillery, a large force of cavalry and infantry, at a distance of 3 miles. Hill calls Hardaway "the best practical artillerist I have seen in service."  (541) In D. H. Hill's division at Fredericksburg. (633) Commended by Stonewall Jackson, Fredericksburg. (642, 643) Commended in D. H. Hill's report, Fredericksburg; Hardaway shelled the gunboats. (1077) Mentioned by Gen. W. H. Taylor, December 24th.
        No. 39--(793) In General Lee's army, May, 1863, as Hurt's battery. (879, 882) Mentioned by Maj. R. A. Hardaway, near Hamilton's Crossing, May 3d to 5th. (939) Mentioned by Gen. R. E. Rodes.
       No. 40--(619, 626, 637, 656) Assignments in army of Northern Virginia. (729) In McIntosh's battalion, April 16, 1863.
        No. 44--(290, 345) At Gettysburg, July 1st to 3d, in reserve artillery. (353) Mentioned in W. N. Pendleton's report. (674, 676) Mentioned in Maj. D. G. McIntosh's report.
        No. 48---(437, 438) Lieutenant Crenshaw commanding; mentioned in D. G. McIntosh's report of engagement at Bristoe Station, October 14, 1863.
         No. 60--(1269) Present for duty, 94 men, April 9, 1864, Camp Taylor.
         No. 67--(1038) Mentioned in report of General Pendleton.
         No. 87--(858) Mentioned by same, operations of July 24, 1864.
         No. 89--(1355) McIntosh's battalion, January 2, 1865, on or near James river.
         No. 95--(1273) Lieut. Geo. A. Ferrell, Lee's army, Appomattox.

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