The Gettysburg Campaign
June 3-August 1, 1863

June 3, 1863 Skirmish near Fayetteville, Va
June 5-13, 1863 Skirmishes at Franklin's Crossing (or Deep Run), on the Rappahannock, Va.
June 9, 1863 Engagements at Brandy Station (or Fleetwood) and Beverly Ford, Va.
  Skirmish at Stevensburg, Va.
June 12, 1863 Skirmishes at Newtown, Cedarville, and Middletown, Va.
June 13, 1863 Skirmish at White Post, Va.
  Skirmish at Berryville, Va.
  Skirmish at Opequon Creek, near Winchester, Va.
  Skirmish at Bunker Hill, W. Va.
June 13-15, 1863 Engagement at Winchester, Va.
June 14, 1863 Skirmish at Berryville, Va
  Skirmish at Martinburg, W. Va
June 15, 1863 Skirmish near Williamsport, Md.
June 17, 1863 Sirmishes at Catoctin Creek and Point of Rocks, Md.
  Skirmish at Thoroughfare Gap, Va.
  Action at Aldie, Va.
June 17-18, 1863 Skirmishes at and near Middleburg, Va.
June 18, 1863 Skirmish near Aldie, Va.
June 19, 1863 Skirmish at Middletown, Md.
June 21, 1863 Skirmish near Gainesville, Va.
  Skirmish at Frederick, Md.
  Engagement at Upperville, Va.
June 21-25, 1863 Skirmishes at and about Thoroughfare Gap and Hay Market, Va.
June 22, 1863 Skirmish near Dover, Va.
  Skirmish at Greencastle, Pa.
  Skirmish near Aldie, Va.
June 24, 1863 Skirmish at Sharpsburg Md.
June 25, 1863 Skirmish near McConnellsburg, Pa.
June 26, 1863 Skirmish near Gettysburg, Pa.
June 27, 1863 Skirmish near Fairfax Court-House, Va.
June 28, 1863 Maj. George G. Meade relieves Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker in command of the Army of the Potomac
  Skirmish between Offutt's Cross-Roads and Seneca, Md.
  Skirmish near Rockville, Md.
  Skirmish at Fountain Dale, Pa.
  Skirmish at Wrightsville, Pa.
June 28-29, 1863 Skirmish near Oyster Point, Pa.
  Affair on the Little River Turnpike, Va
June 29, 1863 Skirmish at McConnellsburg, Pa.
  Affairs at Lisbon and Poplar Springs, Md.
  Skirmish at Muddy Branch, Md.
June 30, 1863 Skirmish at Sporting Hill, near Harrisburg, Pa.
  Skirmish at Fairfield, Pa.
  Skirmish at Westminster, Md.
  Action at Hanover, Pa.
  Evacuation of Maryland Heights, Md
July 1, 1863 Skirmish at Carlisle, Pa.
July 1-3, 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, Pa.
July 2, 1863 Skirmish near Chamberburg, Pa.
  Skirmish at Hunterstown, Pa
July 3, 1863 Action at Fairfield, Pa
July 4, 1863 Action at Monterey Gap, Pa.
  Skirmish at Fairfield Gap, Pa.
  Skirmish near Emmitsburg, Md.
July 5, 1863 Skirmish at Smithsburg, Md.
  Skirmish near Green Oak, Pa.
  Skirmish near Mercersburg, Pa.
  Skirmish near Fairfield, Pa.
  Skirmish near Greencastle, Pa.
  Skirmish at Cunningham's Cross-Roads, Pa.
July 6, 1863 Action at Hagerstown, Md.
  Action at Williamsport, Md.
July 7, 1863 Skirmish at Downsville, Md.
  Skirmish at Harper's Ferry, W. Va.
  Reoccupation of Maryland Heights, Md.
  Skirmish at Funkstown, Md.
July 8, 1863 Action at Boonsbourough, Md.
  Skirmish near Williamsport, Md.
July 9, 1863 Skirmish at Benevola (or Beaver Creek), Md
July 10 1863 Skirmish at Old Antietam Forge, near Leitersburg, Md.
  Skirmish near Clear Spring, Md.
July 10-13, 1863 Skirmishes at and near Hagerstown, Md.
  Skirmishes at Jones' Cross-Roads, near williamsport, Md.
  Skirmishes at and near Funkstown, Md.
July 11-14, 1863 Reconnaissance to, and skirmish (12th) at, Ashby's Gap, Va.
July 14, 1863 Skirmish near Williamsport, Md.
  Skirmish near Harper's Ferry, W. Va.
  Action at Falling Water, Md.
July 15, 1863 Skirmish at Halltown, W. Va.
  Skirmish at Shepherdstown, W. Va.
July 16, 1863 Skirmish at Shanghai, W. Va.
July 16, 1863 Action at Shepherdstown, W. Va.
July 17, 1863 Skirmish near North Mountain Station, W. Va.
  Skirmish at Snicker's Gap, Va.
July 18-19, 1863 Skirmish at and near Hedgesville and Martinsburg, W. Va.
July 20, 1863 Skirmish near Berry's Ferry, Va.
  Skirmish at Ashby's Gap, Va
July 21-22, 1863 Skirmishes at Manassas Gap, Va.
  Skirmishes at Chester Gap, Va.
July 23, 1863 Action at Wapping Heights, Manassas Gap, Va.
  Skirmish near Gaines' Cross-Roads, Va.
  Skirmish near Snicker's Gap, Va.
  Skirmish near Chester Gap, Va.
July 24, 1863 Skirmish at Battle Mountain, near Newby's Cross-Roads, Va.
July 25, 1863 Skirmish at Barbee's Cross-Roads, Va.
July 31-Aug. 1, 1863 Skirmish at Kelly's Ford, Va.
Aug. 1, 1863 Action at Brandy Station, Va.