Gage's Battery (Alabama Artillery)

        Gage's battery was organized at Mobile in October, 1861, and remained under the command of Capt. Chas. P. Gage in the defenses of the city until the following spring. Sent north, it suffered severely at Shiloh, where its conduct was highly commended by Generals Withers and Chalmers. It then returned to Mobile, and was used in the defenses until the fall of the city. Lieuts. James Hill and James T. Hutchisson were promoted, and commanded the battery at different times.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. X, Part I--(383) In General Chalmers' brigade, Shiloh. (532) General Withers in his report of Shiloh says: "With such batteries, however, as Robertson's, Girardey's and Gage's, there could be no failure." (549. 551, 552) Commended by Gen. James R. Chalmers; battery suffered severely and did manful service, July 6th.
    Vol. X, Part 2--(307) In Colonel Mouton's brigade, March 9, 1862.

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