Fowler's (Phelan's) Battery (Alabama Artillery)

        Fowler's battery, Capt. W. H. Fowler, was organized in Tuscaloosa in January, 1862, and was composed of men who had served in Virginia as a company in the regiment recruited by R. E. Rodes. It was the first organization to re-enlist "for the war," and after serving at Mobile one year, joined the army at Tullahoma as part of Walthall's brigade. It fought at Chickamauga, where it suffered severely, and was highly commended for gallantry. It also lost heavily at Missionary Ridge; moved with Hood into Tennessee, and was engaged at Franklin and at Nashville, losing at the latter place, 3 killed and wounded.
        It was then stationed at Mobile, where it remained till the close of the war, when it was surrendered with 130 men. It was commanded at times by Capt. John Phelan and Lieut. N. Venable, and at Mobile, in March, 1865, was in Gee's battalion. Captain Phelan, who had served since May, 1861, was wounded, and Lieut. Wm. Dailey was killed, at Resaca.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(942, 959) In Walthall's brigade, Bragg's army, July and August, 1863.
        No. 41--(497) Mentioned by R. B. Irwin (Union), at Mobile, April 15, 1863.
        No. 50--(231) In Walthall's brigade, Chattanooga, October 7, 1863.
        No. 51--(14) In Liddell's division, Chickamauga, September 19 and 20, 1863. (255-257) Mentioned by Captain Swett, chief of artillery. (271) Mentioned, Chickamauga. (272-274) Mentioned in General Walthall's report. (276) Officers and men commended by General Walthall for "coolness, daring and persistence throughout all the engagements." (286) Commended in Captain Fowler's report. (287) Loss, 6 killed, 17 wounded.
        No. 56--(620) In Cheatham's corps, Bragg's army, October 31, 1863. (807) Commanded by Lieut. John Phelan, December 10th. (826) Total present, 126, December 14th. (884) In Cheatham's division, December 31st.
        No. 59--(687) Organized May 1, 1861. (693-695) Lost 7 men at Chickamauga. Raised in Alabama, by Capt. R. E. Rodes, as infantry, served since April, 1862. Present, March, 1864, 116. (731) Effective, 95, April 1, 1864, army of Tennessee.
       No. 74--(643, et seq.) In Hardee's corps, Johnston's army, Atlanta campaign, Capt. John Phelan commanding, April 30th.
        No. 93--(669) In Cheatham's corps, Hood's army, December 10, 1864.
        No. 103--(1047) In Gee's battalion, Mobile, March 10, 1865.

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