Letters From the Past

        These letters are a recent find and have never before been published. They were found in a trunk in Virginia just a short time ago. They were given to us by a member of WebAmerica's Civil War chat room who goes by the name of "Reno." Reno is not only an accomplished professional musician, but a long time student of the late Rebellion. Our thanks go out to him. The letters were given to him by a friend and business acquaintance and our thanks also go out to him as well for graciously allowing us to publish them on this website.

From Fredericksburg This letter was written from the battle field shortly after the battle of Fredericksburg. The young man is very bitter about not receiving any letters. I know the feeling.
From Maj. Leroy M. McAfee 49th Reg. NCT In this letter, he promises to make his mother happy after the war, and to be closer to God, who has protected him thus far. Not an uncommon vow from those "that have seen the elephant."
From Pvt. John Bennett What can you say, the man is sending something that is very dear to him, "No greater love..."
From A. A. McAfee Not sure what kin he was to Leroy but it's for sure they were kin.
Unknown Author The author may be unknown but you can clearly read the anguish in this mother's letter as contemplates her son going off to war. This never changes regardless of what war we are referring to.

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