Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #7

Camp Neare Tarobor
County N Carolina

Dear Father I seat my self this unpleasant morning to rite you a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope those few lines may find you all injoying the same good blessing.  I have nothing of importiance to rite to you at this time only we have left Magnolia the 11 and after two days hard marching we got on the cars at Dudley Station 8 miles of Goldsboro we rode on til we got to Tarboro.  We got off then ane we had to march 8 miles below Tarboro.  We are station out in the old field we have no tents with us and it has ben raining five days on us and it is as cloudy as it can be yet three of our Regiment that belong to our brigade is gone to Charleston they commence fighting day before yesterday.  I donít know but I expect we will go down there too.  I got my box safe a few3 days be fore we left Magnolia.  Our boys is all enjoying tolerable good health at this time.  You can tell ant Jince that Cyrus and Samuel is both well.  I hear Jonas is coming to our Regiment soon.  I sent West on letter.  I want to no is anyone sent it to him.  So I will have to close my letter by requesting you to rite soon.

William A Elliott 

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