Civil War Letters of William (Billy) A. Elliott
Letter #18

Hanover Junction Va
May 25th 1863

G. R. Elliotte

Dear Brother I find my self persition this morning to write you a few lines to answer your letter which I reced yester Day.  I am well and hope those few lines may find you well.  Well George you sed you had the best water melon patch for the time of year you ever saw.  well I think I will be at home in time to hide some of them.  if I donít I will all ways think I outht to.  I was glad to heare of you having such good luck with the bees when you cut the bee tree.  I want you all to remember me and save me some.  Henry Hill sends you his best respects to you so I will close for the time.  tell Mother I want her to send me some white cotton thread the first chance.  tell Julius I want him to no how he likes to how corn this sumer.

William A Elliott

To G R Elliott

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