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Recently, while engaging in Civil War chat on my comput'n machine, I happened across a young, but philosophical fellow that was one of many that seem to drop into the forum and then just disappear forever, into the vastness of Cyberspace. We were discussing topics that ranged from the causes of the war to the impact the conflict had on modern society. As my new found "friend" typed out his electronic messages, his views became more and more liberal. His "handle" or name, was "john brown", a name that certainly matched his ideology. Mr. "john brown's" concern was how the Southerners worship of the Confederacy is affecting "Black Americans", how the Afro-Americans are resentful of being subjected to visions of slavery by the Confederate monuments, by the South's love and devotion to the memory of Robert E. Lee, and by our new found interest in the great rebellion. (You get the picture). When I shared my reasons, such as honoring the bravery of my grandfather, my love of my heritage, and my right to remember, he came back and compared the honoring of my Confederate grandfather to the grandchildren of Nazi SS troops honoring their forefathers. He was not through! He then compared Robert E. Lee to Adolph Hitler. I stayed calm and replied that such comparisons were so extreme that they did not deserve a reply. The discussion faded and soon, he disappeared out of sight somewhere down the super information highway.

This was not the first time, nor even the second occasion that I have come up against this idiotic prejudicial view. Mr. "john brown's" view was totally out of line and historically incorrect. Yet his view is shared by many who prefer to be "politically correct." The more I thought of these comments, the reference to the Confederacy and Nazism; I knew I had to answer "john brown." This answer needed just as extreme but one that would contain enough logic to rattle his naive beliefs.

So, let's talk about Hitler and his SS troops. Let's compare them to the Great Emancipator and his righteous Union Army. To start, both armies were invading armies, attacking people who just wanted to be left alone. Hundreds of official records document how the Yankee soldiers plundered,, looted, burned, and destroyed civilian property. These records also show how they raped, starved, and killed the innocent throughout the South. Hitler would have been proud of their behavior. Union dairies tell of the inhuman treatment of the Indians by the western armies. The Northerners took pride in the number of Indian scalps they brought back to camp. The Union's aim was simply the genocide of a race of people they considered inferior, Hmmm, that sounds familiar. And, let's not forget the conduct of the invading Union Army, right here in Louisiana. People were imprisoned simply for not praying for the Union Army while attending church services. They were executed for simply taking a flag down. Burial tombs were ransacked, corpses were thrown out, and coffins stolen from cemeteries. Nothing was sacred enough to keep the Union Army from leaving it's mark.

There is more to compare, but let's move on to Mr. Lincoln. Let's discuss the thousands he imprisoned, suspending habeas corpus; thus, these people had no formal charges levied against them, were granted no bail nor even a court date. Their only crime was they did not share the same political view as the President. Therefore, they were an enemy of the State. Speaking of Lincoln, he was the only president in history to order mass executions. This time, the poor victims were Indians. The Native American's only crime was the attempt to keep the rich Minnesota land which they had already been granted.

And last, but certainly not least, the following statement was made by Mr. Lincoln during one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858, " that there is a physical difference between the white and black race .... 1, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race." Hmmm, again this sounds similar to the beliefs of a certain dictator that we all know.

I am certain when the knowledgeable reader looks at these comparisons, he/she will shout that one cannot compare the 1861 Rebellion to the 1940's World War. It was a different time, a different place, and a different cause. To compare the two would like comparing apples and oranges. To this, my answer is EXACTLY! That is my point!

Also, I want all the "john browns" of the world to know that when they start throwing those Yankee self-righteous rocks at our Southern Heritage, that our pile of rocks just might be larger than theirs.