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Acadians in Gray
American Civil War Biographical Bibliographies 

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Black Confederates
Blacks who fought for the South
Brevet Rank in the Civil War
Brevet Union Generals

Canadians in Maine Military
Civil War Biographies
Civil War Generals
Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients
Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients (A-L)
Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients (M-Z)
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors Database 
Class of 1846
Colour Guard: A Study of General George Armstrong Custer's Career
Confederate Generals Killed in the Civil War
Confederate in the Field
Confederate's in the Collegium  
Confederate Soldiers of Dickinson College

Famous Civil War Masons
Forgotten Confederates

General Confusion
Grand Army of the Republic in Michigan

Historic Reunions of Confederate and Union Generals

In Their Own Words: Hall of Heroes

John Isham Dorsey and His Fellow Georgia Military Institute Cadets

Leadership Secrets of the Civil War
Life During Confederate Days (GA)
Lincoln's Army

Medal of Honor Citations  
MOLLUS - Missouri Commandery Listing

Nelson's Sharps Carbine

Provost-Marshall and the Citizen

Search the Virginia Rosters
Single Soldier Discrimination
South Carolina POWs Held at Hart's Island, NY

Typical Confederate Soldier
Union Generals Killed in the Civil War
USN Civil War Medal

VMI Cadets in the Fray 

We Must be Masters of Our History
West Point Civil War Tribute
Western Theater in the Civil War
Women in the Civil War

Yale's Southern Accent

"Bloody Bill" William Anderson
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson Source Page and Photo Gallery
James J. Archer
Brig. Gen. Lewis Addison Armistead, CSA
Lewis Armistead
Turner Ashby: Stonewall's Cavalry Chief  

James Baily
Lafayette Baker
Lafayette Curry Baker
Nathaniel Prentiss Banks 
P.G.T. Beauregard
Judah Benjamin
Gen. Henry Lewis Benning, CSA
Hiram Berdan
Pvt. Reuben Bibb, USCT 65th
Braxton Bragg: Confederate General
Braxton Bragg
Braxton Bragg
Braxton Bragg 
John C. Breckenridge 
Simon Bolivar Buckner
Don Carlos Buell
Don Carlos Buell Source Page and Photo Gallery
John Buford 
Napoleon Bonaparte Buford
Ambrose Burnside
Benjamin "Beast" Butler
Benjamin Butler's New Orleans "Woman's Order"
Colorful Ben Butler
Salmon Portland Chase
Benjamin Cheatham
Chenoweth Family in the War Between the States 
Gen. Patrick Cleburne
Patrick Cleburne
The Patrick Cleburne Society
"Buffalo Bill" Cody
Confederate Heads of State  
General Samuel Cooper
Michael Corcoran: A Controversial Figure
Thomas Turpin Crittenden 
Jabez Curry
George Armstrong Custer
Thomas Ward Custer

Jefferson Davis
Sam Davis, Hero of the Confederacy
Sam Davis: Too Brave To Die  
John Adams Dix  
Earl Van Dorn
Captain Abner Doubleday
Percival and Thomas Drayton

Lt. Gen. Jubal Early, CSA
Gen. Jubal A. Early, CSA
Jubal Early
Captain Daniel Ellis
Clement Evans
Richard Stoddert Ewell

Admiral David Glasgow Faragut
Elon Farnsworth
David Green Fleming, 8th Georgia Infantry
Nathan Bedford Forrest Stephen Collins Foster
Lt. Col. James Fremantle
John Charles Fremont

Gen. Samuel Garland, CSA  
Grafton Soldiers
American Experience: Ulysses S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant
The Grant and Sherman Gang Home Page
Henry Halleck
Hannibal Hamlin
Winfield Scott Hancock
William J. Hardee
French Harding: Civil War Memoirs  
Henry Heth
Wild Bill Hickok
Wild Bill Hickok
A.P. Hill, Confederate General
Gen. Ambrose Powell Hill, CSA
Gen. Benjamin Jefferson Hill, CSA
Gen. Daniel Harvey Hill, CSA
Major General Robert F. Hoke
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
John Bell Hood
John Bell Hood
John Bell Hood: Confederate General
General John Bell Hood
Gen. Joseph Hooker, USA
Joseph Hooker
Joseph Hooker
Major General Oliver O. Howard, U.S. 

Rufus Ingalls

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Jesse James
Confederate Major-General Edward "Allegheny" Johnson
Major-General Bushrod Johnson's Gravesite
Edward Johnson
Rev. John Johnson: The Spirit of Fort Sumter
Obituary of J. N. Johnson
A.S. Johnston
Joseph Johnston

Obituary of J.P. Kornegay, Winn Parish, LA  
Robert E. Lee Jonathan K. Letterman
Lincoln's War Cabinet
James Longstreet William Wing Loring
General Nathaniel Lyon and Missouri in 1861
Louisiana's Last Confederate

Mabrys/Mayberrys in the Civil War  
Obituary of James O. Maybin
Matthew Fontaine Maury
Matthew Fontaine Maury Biography
Samuel Bell Maxey 
John McCausland
George B. McClellan
The McClellan Pages
John Porter McCown
Irvin McDowell 
Lafayette McLaws
Justus McKinstry and His Enemies  
George Meade Thomas Meagher
John Morgan
Col. Mosby and the Southern Code of Honor
John Mosby
John Mosby
Private Jefferson Moses

National Park Service Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

John A. Oates

Sergeant Henry Parker
Capt. William H. Parker, CSA
First Lt. William H. Parker, CSN
John Pelham
J.J. Pettigrew
J.J. Pettigrew
General James Johnston Pettigrew
George E. Pickett
John Pope
Leonidas Polk
Leave Pope to Get Out of His Scrape
David Dixon Porter
David Dixon Porter

William Quantrill
William Clarke Quantrill
William Clarke Quantrill and the Lawrence Massacre
William Quantrill and Independance, MO Brigadier General William A. Quarles, P.A.C.S.
Brigadier General John Aaron Rawlins 
Jesse L. Reno
John Reynolds 
William Rosecrans

 Carl Schurz and the Forty-eighters
Raphael Semmes Naval Officer
Robert Gould Shaw
Joseph Shelby
Phil Sheridan
William Tecumseh Sherman

Dan Sickles  
Edmund Smith
Obituary of Patrick Smith
Obituary of Col. W.L. Smylie
General Stoneman: Article from the Buffalo Evening News
Jeb Stuart Birthplace
J.E.B. Stuart 
General George Sykes

Obituary of J.G. Teagle
George H. Thomas
George H. Thomas, Army of the Cumberland Commander 
George H. Thomas Source Page and Photo Gallery
Gen. Robert Augustus Toombs, CSA

Clement Larid Vallandigham 1820-1871
Gen. Earl Van Dorn, CSA

Gen. Lew Wallace Study and Museum
Lew Wallace: Soldier, Statesman & Scholar
Lewis Wallace
Timothy Webster
General Joseph Wheeler
Major General Joseph Wheeler, The Controversy
Pond Spring and the Joe Wheeler Home
Brigadeer General Edward Washburn Whitaker
Plug Ugly Project: The Civil War from General Alpheus Williams' viewpoint
The Trial of Captain Henry Wirz
Winn Parish, Louisiana: Union Soldier Census
Brigadier General William Tatum Wofford
Horatio G. Wright
Bridgadier General Marcus Joseph Wright, CSA
From Chickamauga to Chipilly Ridge: The Long March of John Allan Wyeth

Felix Kirk Zollicoffer

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General Indexes:
25th Corps (USA)
Brett's Regimental Level Order of Battles 
Civil War Officer Members of Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the US, Missouri Commandery
Civil War Regimential Unit Histories  
Civil War Sharpshooters
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
Confederate Armies in the Civil War
Confederate Regimental Histories Directory

Institute for Civil War Research

Naval Information
Regimental Histories by State

U.S. Armies In The Civil War
Underage American Soldiers
Union Army Corps
Union Army Regimental History Index

State and County Indexes
, alphabetical by state, county:
Civil War Units File Part I: USA National & States A-I
Civil War Units File Part II: USA States K-N
Civil War Units File Part III: USA States O-W
Civil War Units File Part IV: CSA States A-M
Civil War Units File Part V: CSA States N-V
Cyndi's List: Regimental Histories and Rosters (Confederate)
Cyndi's List: Regimental Histories and Rosters (Union)

Alabama Fighting Units
Alabama Regimental Histories

Connecticut Index: Union Regiments

Florida Regimental Indexes

Georgia Units in the Civil War
7th Georgia Cavalry
Civil War Soldiers of Gordon County, Georgia
Marion County, Georgia Civil War Troops
Sumter County, GA Confederate Units 1861-1865

Illinois Civil War Regiments 
Illinois Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery Units by County
Illinois Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery Units by Regiment 
Indiana Regiments
Civil War Soldiers of Crawford County, Indiana  

Kentucky in the Civil War: Union Files
Southeast Kentucky Unit Rosters
Franklin County, KY, Civil War Units
Civil War Soldiers of Hart County, KY
The Louisiana Almanac: Unit Rosters
Roll of Company A: Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Roll of Company B: East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
Roll of Company C: West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana
Roll of Company E: East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

Roll of Company F: Concordia Parish, Louisiana
Roll of Company G: Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana
Roll of Company H:
East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
UCV Montgomery Camp #631, Winn Parish, Louisiana
Winn Parish, LA: 1911 Confederate Veterans & Widows Census
Winnfield Parish, LA, Pension List (1934)

Maine Units in the Civil War
Maine's Union Regiments
Civil War Veterans of Addison, Maine
Civil War Veterans of Washington County, Maine

Massachusetts Civil War Units   

Civil War Archive's New Jersey Unit Index

North Carolina State Troops  
Soldiers from Ashe & Alleghany Counties, North Carolina  
Stokes County, North Carolina: Killed in Action

Official Sharpshooter Home Page

Records of an Adjutant General (Ohio)

Ohio Infantry
Ohio Union Regimental Histories

Pennsylvania in the Civil War
Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War

Rhode Island's Union Regiments

The Civil War in South Carolina
Men from South Carolina in Service to the CSA
Upcountry South Carolina Heritage

The Civil War in Giles County, TN
Sumner County, TN, Military Information
Randy's Texans in the Civil War  

U.S. Colored Troops
United States Official Register 1861 
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