An Outline Of Confederate Military History

        ONLY a broad general view of military operations during the war between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America may be expected in this sketch. The object of the brief story of the great struggle herein told is to simply show the progress of the leading military events which at length determined the fate of the Southern Confederacy. The political aspects of the contention between the great belligerents will receive little notice, it being sufficient to observe that the Confederate States claimed the right to be one of the nations of the earth, and this claim was denied by the United States. Upon this issue war was joined between the two powers, and thereupon foreign nations accorded belligerent rights to both. The details of the struggle have been given by able writers in the various volumes of this general work.
Source:  Confederate Military History, Vol. 12

This originally appeared in "The Confederate Military History" as one long portion with the major headings as bolded items. To make it easier to read on the internet I elected to call each major heading a "Part" and have them located on separate pages. To enjoy the full benefit of the writing you should go straight from one part to another.
Part I, Initial Events
Part II, Comparison Between The Two Governments
Part III, Actual Hostilities Begin
Part IV, The Situation on the Border and in the West
Part V, The First Great Movement Against Richmond
Part VI, Next After Manassas
Part VII, Naval Operations
Part VIII, Close of the First Year of War
Part IX, The General Array of Forces Early in 1862
Part X, Movement All Along the Lines
Part XI, Abraham Lincoln
Part XII, The Successful Defense of Richmond
Part XIII, In The West, April and May, 1862
Part XIV, Stonewall Jackson in the Valley
Part XV, Affairs in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky
Part XVI, Lee's March Into Maryland, September, 1862
Part XVII, Burnside Seeks to Capture Richmond, November and December, 1862
Part XVIII, Murfreesboro and The Vicksburg Expeditions, January To May, 1863
Part XIX, Minor Confederate Victories Early in 1863
Part XX, Battle of Chancellorsville
Part XXI, From Chancellorsville to Gettysburg, June and July, 1863
Part XXII, After Gettysburg and Vicksburg
Part XXIII, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge, September to November 1863
Part XXIV, Federal Preparations to Invade Georgia, 1864
Part XXV, The Great Final Movements
Part XXVI, Events, Great and Small, Work Together in 1864
Part XXVII, The Campaign of 1864 Begins In May
Part XXVIII, Charleston and Fort Sumter in 1864
Part XXIX, Sherman In Georgia, 1864
Part XXX, The Result Approaches Ascertainment
Part XXXI, Some General Results

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