Confederate Military History
NOTE: This portion of Home of the Civil War website is dedicated to telling the Confederate side of the late unpleasantness and was taken from the 12 volume set of "The Confederate Military History." As you might surmise, to put the entire set on the Internet is impossible. So I have chosen those portions that I think will help you better understand the Confederate viewpoint at the time.


        "This work is the result of contributions by many Southern men to the literature of our country that treats of the eventful years in which occurred the momentous struggle called by Mr. A. H. Stephens "the war between the States." These contributions were made on a well-considered plan, to be wrought out by able writers of unquestionable Confederate record who were thoroughly united in general sentiment and whose generous labors upon separate topics would, when combined, constitute a library of Confederate military history and biography. According to the great principle in our government that One may result from and be composed of Many--the doctrine of E pluribus unum--it was considered that intelligent men from all parts of the South would so write upon the subjects committed to them as to produce a harmonious work which would truly portray the times and issues of the Confederacy and by illustration in various forms describe the soldiery which fought its battles. Upon this plan two volumes--the first and the last--comprise such subjects as the justification of the Southern States in seceding from the Union and the honorable conduct of the war by the Confederate States government; the history of the actions and concessions of the South in the formation of the Union and its policy in securing the existing magnificent territorial dominion of the United States; the civil history of the Confederate States, supplemented with sketches of the President, Vice-President, cabinet officers and other officials of the government; Confederate naval history; the morale of the armies; the South since the war, and a connected outline of events from the beginning of the struggle to its close. "
Source:  Confederate Military History, Vol. 1

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The Confederation Of The Southern States
Legal Justification of the South in Secession
Outline of Confederate Military History
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