Causes of the Civil War
(From The Southern View)
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" ... It will be a glorious day for our country when all the children within its borders shall learn that the four years of fratricidal war between the North and South was waged by neither with criminal or unworthy intent, but by both to protect what they conceived to be threatened rights and imperiled liberty: that the issues which divided the sections were born when the Republic was born, and were forever buried in an ocean of fraternal blood."

- Lieutenant General John B. Gordon, CSA

        What wonderful words these are from one of the finest generals to serve the Confederacy. However, no matter how wonderful the words, they are all for naught if one doesn't understand what drove one American to take up arms against another American.  This portion of the "Home of the American Civil War" site makes no attempt to tell both sides of the story. You are taught the Union side in every classroom, in every school, in every city, in every county, in every state of this great nation of ours.  This is an attempt to show you that, regardless of what you were taught, there is another side, and you are entitled to know what it was. So sit back, relax, let your mind wander back across the years to the Ante Bellum era. Let's see what the Southerner thought he was fighting for. You might be surprised.

Causes of the Civil War From "Reminiscences Of The Civil War", (Chapter I) By John B. Gordon, Maj. Gen. CSA
Origin of the War Written by Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter, of Virginia around 1876.
Slavery and States Rights A speech by "Fight'n" Joe Wheeler in 1894.
The Confederate Cause and Its Defenders An Address delivered by Judge George L. Christian in 1898.
The Vindication of The South An Address delivered by B. B. Mumford in 1889.

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