The West Point Class of 1846

        Graduating just as the Mexican War began, fifty-three of the fifty-nine member of this class (the largest in the Academy's history to that time) fought in Mexico. Four of them lost their lives there. Two more were killed fighting Indians in the 1850s. Ten members of that class became Confederate generals; twelve became Union generals; three of the Confederates and one of the Unionists were killed or mortally wounded in action during the Civil War. The following is a list of some of those generals.

 Name  Class Ranking  Highest Rank in Civil War  Union or Confederate
 Adams, John  25  Brigadier General  Confederate-
 Killed at Franklin in 1864
 Couch, Darius N.  13  Major General  Union
 Foster, John G.  4  Major General  Union
 Fry, Birkett D.  Dismissed  Brigadier General  Confederate
 Gardner, William M.  55  Brigadier General  Confederate
 Gibbon, John  Graduated in 1847  Major General  Union
 Gordon, George H.  43  Major General  Union
 Hill, Ambrose P.  Graduated in 1847  Lieutenant General  Confederate-
 Killed at Petersburg 1865
 Jackson, Thomas J.  17  Lieutenant General  Confederate-
 Mortally wounded at
 Chancellorsville in 1863
 Jones, David R.  41  Major General  Confederate-
 Died in 1863
 McClellan, George B.  2  Major General  Union
 Maury, Dabney H.  37  Major General  Confederate
 Maxey, Samuel B.  58  Major General  Confederate
 Oakes, James  34  Brigadier General  Union
 Pickett, George E.  59  Major General  Confederate
 Reno, Jesse L.  8  Major General  Union-
 Killed at South Mountain
 in 1862
 Seymour, Truman  19  Major General  Union
 Stoneman, George  33  Major General  Union
 Sturgis, Samuel D.  32  Major General  Union
 Wilcox, Cadmus M.  54  Major General  Confederate

Source: "Class of 1846" by John C. Waugh

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