Civil War Home Chatroom Registration

        The Civil War Home Chatroom is a community of mutual respect. You will see this reflected in a cordial atmosphere for discussion about the American Civil War.  Any rules governing participation in the chatroom are in place to promote an atmosphere conducive to learning and sharing in that passion we all have concerning the subject of the late unpleasantness, they are not put there to in any way stifle discussion.  The Civil War is a difficult subject to discuss in the best of times, it is impossible to discuss when there is no respect for others.  These rules are presented further down the page.
        To insure that someone does not accidentally wander in and disrupt the discussions, we require that each member register with a chatroom name and password.  This name and password will give you access to the room 24/7.  This registration is completely free. To complete the process of registration please fill out the form below.   Please note that the form must be filled out in its entirety.  If  you leave a field blank, or put in something that is not useable, you will not be registered.  No registration information is shared with anyone. When you have completed it, click on the submit button.  You will receive by email, to the address you have given, your "Chatroom Name" (user name) and "Password". 

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Please provide the following contact information:


Please provide your account information:

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        Once you have completed the registration and have received validation of your name and password you will find the entrance to the chatroom here:

Civil War Home Chatroom

        The first screen you see when going to the Civil War Home Chat Room is the main log-in page.  Simply put in the username and password you registered with and click "login". If you have forgotten your access information, drop an e-mail to . Be sure to include (in the email) your real name that you registered under.  The next page will be where you can put in your email address if desired, choose an avatar if desired, choose the color for the text of your posts, and most importantly, select what browser you are using.  Then just click.

Inside The Chat Room

        Once inside, you will see that the majority of the screen is the actual message area.  The top border simply contains the date and a couple of helpful links to tips and tricks. 
        The main section - the chat area - shows several things. The poster's username will be shown, time/date when the post was made, followed by whatever message they typed. Any time you type a message and send it, it will appear here instantly. This allows you to hold real-time conversations with your fellow Civil War enthusiasts.

The bottom border contains several important fields explained below:

Private Message to: - use this field when you want to send a private message to someone in the room. Type the person's username (just as they have it typed it in the present chat session. If they typed it "fred", use all lower case. If they typed it "FRED", use all upper case. If it's frEd...well, you get the idea!)  in this field, then type your message in the Message field. Click "SEND". The recipient will see the message, but the rest of the room will only see a blank line.

*We recommend extreme care when using this.* Making a mistake can result in a private message appearing in the public area! Since the blank lines which appear can be annoying to other chatters, we ask that you use this feature only when necessary.

Message: Most of the time, this field and the send button will be the most used. Simply type your message in this field and then hit send. Your message will appear in the text area.

Send: Click this button to post the message you just typed in the "message" field.

Log: This is a rather important button. Clicking it will open a separate window.  This is where you can read many days worth of previous chat, and catch up on what's been talked about lately. If there is conversation ongoing, you can see the latest log by closing, then re-opening the log. Please do not "update" the log by sending blank messages. This wastes band-width and makes the "scroll" difficult to read for others.

Occupants: Clicking this button will open a separate window showing the current occupants of the room.

The Rules and the Consequences

         What makes Civil War Home's Live Chat so unique is its cordial and friendly atmosphere. This is extremely tough to do on the Internet, where public access means everyone can register. We do it by having a few very strict rules, and a policy taking immediate action if they are broken.
        The rules are simply common sense and easy to follow. All of them are centered around the doctrine of mutual respect.

1. No profanity is allowed.
2. No personal insults or flaming.
3. During pre-announced activities such as Book Discussions and Moderated Topical Chats it is requested that members not use the Private Message feature.
4. If you register but do not use the chatroom over a 90 day period, you will be removed from the active member list and have to re-register.

        Chatters must show respect to others on the board at all times. Disagreements happen - especially when discussing the war. However, that's no excuse for personal attacks, rude behavior, or foul language. Participation in any of these will result in being banned from the chat room.
        It's important to remember that the chat room is like a social hall. People meet here to discuss everything from the important to the mundane. Although most of the chat centers around the Civil War - folks often chat about sports, politics, and other things. Chatters should never tell other chatters that something is "off-topic".
        Moderators are in and out of the room throughout the day and night in order to insure a courteous and polite atmosphere. Anyone should feel free to alert us to inappropriate remarks or behavior.  The moderators of the room and be reached at any of the following addresses:

Scheduled Events

        Throughout the week, certain scheduled events may take place in the live chat room. These may include - but are not limited to - book chats, online trivia contests, author discussions, and other special events. These events are always moderated, and during these times, conversation will be limited to the subject of the event. During scheduled events please refrain from using the Private Message feature.

Tips and Tricks

  • The chat-room tends to be busier in the evening than during the day. Often during the day there will be many usernames with no messages. That simply means that folks stopped by to read the log. Feel free to drop a message, question, etc. in chat even if nobody is logged on at the present time. Your message will be seen by people as they enter the room.
  • The room accepts basic html commands (bold, underline, images, etc.). Do not attempt to use html unless you know what you are doing! Make sure you close any tags you open. 
  • The room will also allow posting of pictures using html commands. Please do not abuse this function. Posting of any pornographic pictures will result in immediate banning. No picture with a "weight" of more than 15k may be posted. No picture should be wider than 200px. or higher than 250px.