The Battle of Big Bethel
June 10, 1861
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Battle Description Presents a brief description of the battle.
Battle of Bethel The story as it appeared in the Richmond Dispatch, October 18, 1901, some 40 years after the battle.
Detailed Description Provides fairly detailed descriptions of the events leading up to the battle, the battle itself, and some of the events after the battle.
First Soldier Killed A great write-up about the first Confederate soldier killed in battle.

Official Records (After Battle Reports)

Union Reports
Col. John E. Bendix
Maj. Gen. B. F. Butler
Capt. Judson Kilpatrick
Brig. Gen. E. W. Pierce
Col. Frederick Townsend

Confederate Reports
Col. D. H. Hill
Col. J. B. Magruder
Maj. E. B. Montague
Maj. George W. Randolph
Lieut. Col. William D. Stuart
Capt. W. H. Werth

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