Book Chat
A Little Short of Boats
The Fights at Ball's Bluff and Edwards Ferry
James A. Morgan III

This chat took place in the Civil War Home Chatroom on 4/17/06 and covered Chapters 6 & 7.  This chat was participated in by Jim Morgan, the author of the book.

4/17/2006 8:00 pm (et) Basecat: Welcome to the Book chat. Tonight we will be focusing on Chapters 6 and 7 of Jim's book "A Little Short of Boats.." Let's start with some questions, comments etc on Chapter 6..."With The Steady Tread of Veterans".

4/17/2006 8:01 pm (et) jim morgan: Let me apologize for missing last week's chat. It was my daughter's birthday and we took her out to dinner and shopping.

4/17/2006 8:01 pm (et) ks: Then you were where you needed to be. :) Certainly no need to apologize.

4/17/2006 8:02 pm (et) jim morgan: Her birthday is Appomattox Day so I figure we at least had a Civil War connection.

4/17/2006 8:03 pm (et) Teej: Before we get started, since I wasn't here last week either, I don't know if this was mentioned, but on three who was one of Walter Jenifer's civilian couriers?

4/17/2006 8:04 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej: You probably mean Gip Peter, don't you?

4/17/2006 8:04 pm (et) Babs: Winston Churchill's grandpa?

4/17/2006 8:04 pm (et) Teej: did you guess?

4/17/2006 8:05 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej: I'm psychic.

4/17/2006 8:05 pm (et) Basecat: Jim...While reading, and looking at the maps as the coverage of the fight goes along, I can't help but wonder why the 15th Mass was aligned as it was for the majority of the fight. Seems to me that in that position, they could be fired on from both flanks. Also echoes to me anyway, the lack of cohesion on the Union side. Any comments on the 15th Jim?

4/17/2006 8:09 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: When the 15th Mass first withdrew from the forward positions, they came in at an angle and were positioned at right angles to the existing line with its back to the bluff. Together this "chevron formation" covered the road down which any Confederates would have to come.

4/17/2006 8:09 pm (et) ks: Can't imagine the mixture of frustration, anger, perhaps even hopelessness that must have been attached to having to make use of those "almost worthless" Belgian muskets.

4/17/2006 8:10 pm (et) jim morgan: When Confederates then moved (though not in great strength) around to the federal right, some of that line refused itself and a couple of other companies moved out into the woods. In fact, they kept the rebs far enough away so that the yanks could not be fired on from both flanks.

4/17/2006 8:10 pm (et) jim morgan: That action on the federal right was almost a separate battle from the main fight around today's cemetery.

4/17/2006 8:11 pm (et) jim morgan: ks: The 42nd NY at Ball's Bluff had very good Belgian rifles. It was the 7th Michigan that was down at Edwards Ferry that had the bad muskets.

4/17/2006 8:12 pm (et) jim morgan: Remember that "Belgian" meant both imports from Belgium and the "Belgian style" flintlock-to-percussion conversions that could be done on any flintlock musket. Its not always clear in the records which kind is meant.

4/17/2006 8:12 pm (et) Teej: That's a problem I have. I tend to want to think that each event happened in ABC order rather several things going on at once in a "three-ring" kind of manner.

4/17/2006 8:13 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej: Ball's Bluff was a bit of a mixed up situation; not neatly chronological like Antietam.

4/17/2006 8:13 pm (et) ks: I noticed the quotation marks around the word in the book. Appreciate the further information.

4/17/2006 8:13 pm (et) Basecat: Another question I have...Evans's so called hatred of the 8th Virginia. Am guessing the hate for that regiment was more directly aimed at Hunton....Know that Evans was not the easiest person to get along with, but hard to read his comments on how he thought that regiment would fight.

4/17/2006 8:14 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: Evans and Hunton definitely had a personal rivalry. I believe, though cannot absolutely prove, that it was mostly based on Hunton's resentment at having been superseded in command of CS forces in Loudoun by Evans.

4/17/2006 8:14 pm (et) ks: No kidding, Basecat. A person reads those comments and can wonder just who the "enemy" was in the situation.

4/17/2006 8:15 pm (et) jim morgan: But there had been some accusations of nepotism against Evans in the Leesburg papers even before Manassas. His brother was on his staff and, apparently, he didn't get along with some of the locals.

4/17/2006 8:15 pm (et) Teej: Jim, did Shank's "drinking problem" play a part at BB?

4/17/2006 8:16 pm (et) Basecat: Just amazes me, and not in just this battle, that personal animosities superseded just what was going on at the battlefield.

4/17/2006 8:17 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej: Hunton accused Evans of being drunk but, if he was, I don't think it mattered at Ball's Bluff. Evans managed, either deliberately or accidentally, to move troops to where they needed to be at the right times.

4/17/2006 8:17 pm (et) Teej: A bit off topic but I've always thought that was one of Lee's strong points, playing referee to a bunch of prima donnas.

4/17/2006 8:18 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej, there are some oddities in Evans behavior though. He reported that he has six pieces of artillery though he had only five. I've never quite understood that. Maybe he was drunk when he wrote his report.

4/17/2006 8:19 pm (et) Teej: LOL...Was Hunton the only one to suggest that Evans was drinking during the battle?

4/17/2006 8:19 pm (et) Basecat: Teej...Unlike Little Mac who seemed to be President of the Prima Donna club of the AoP.

4/17/2006 8:20 pm (et) jim morgan: I believe Hunton was the only one who was there who suggested that. I've seen things written later that said so. And maybe he WAS drunk; can't say for sure. I just don't think it affected his direction of the troop movements. He definitely padded his report to make himself look good but that wasn't exactly a rare occurrence among Civil War commanders.

4/17/2006 8:22 pm (et) Basecat: It is also mentioned in this part of the book that Baker was unsure of taking the promotion offered to him...that by doing so he would have to give up his seat in the Senate. Do you believe he would accepted the higher rank had he survived the fight at Ball's Bluff, or returned to his seat in the Senate?

4/17/2006 8:22 pm (et) Teej: As a Brit friend of mine is fond of saying, a lot of the CW commanders were economical with the truth, no?

4/17/2006 8:22 pm (et) ks: Obviously YES! ;)

4/17/2006 8:23 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: I believe that Baker was on the verge of taking the major generalship because of that draft order on Oct 19 instructing Scott to give Baker a division. Can't prove it, but I can't believe t hat Lincoln would have drafted the order if he hadn't gotten the OK from Baker to go ahead. IN that case, Baker would have had to resign from the Senate.

4/17/2006 8:24 pm (et) Basecat: Jim, and as you mentioned, he had talked to Abe just prior to the battle...Makes sense.

4/17/2006 8:24 pm (et) Teej: From division commander to commander of the AoP?

4/17/2006 8:24 pm (et) jim morgan: I don't think Baker was "unsure" of taking the promotion so much as he and Lincoln were waiting for the right time. I still believe, as I said a couple of weeks ago, that Baker may wall have become commander of the AoP if he'd lived simply because of his friendship with Lincoln. Again, I can't prove it.

4/17/2006 8:25 pm (et) Teej: Didn't Baker have a premonition that he wouldn't survive the battle?

4/17/2006 8:27 pm (et) jim morgan: Baker is said to have had several premonitions of his death. Perhaps he did but there's a quality to the accounts I've seen that make me suspect they are the work of people trying to make him look, well, god-like after his death. That conversation that supposedly took place on the White House lawn on Oct 18 about how the flower that Mary Lincoln gave him would wither as his life would wither is just too melodramatic to be taken at face value in my opinion.

4/17/2006 8:27 pm (et) Basecat: Teej, IIRC, he did ..a few days before the fight there.

4/17/2006 8:27 pm (et) ks: Interesting account about Stone not having the necessary cipher key to decode McClellan's message. Then Little Mac and Co. not understanding the riddle....what a circus of errors there.

4/17/2006 8:28 pm (et) Basecat: ks...Glad you brought that one up...and how his message was taken at HQ...

4/17/2006 8:28 pm (et) Babs: With Little Mac as the ringmaster.

4/17/2006 8:29 pm (et) jim morgan: ks: That scene in Mac's office with all those guys standing around scratching their heads trying to figure out Stone's message is definitely going to be in "Ball's Bluff: the Movie" if we ever get around to making it. Great slapstick comedy there.

4/17/2006 8:29 pm (et) Teej: Reminds me of the Confederate private that before each battle, wrote in his diary, "today I was killed." IIRC, he survived the war.

4/17/2006 8:29 pm (et) Teej: LOL, Jim.

4/17/2006 8:30 pm (et) Basecat: Jim...on the fighting on the Union left...Just how deep are the ravines they used to their advantage?

4/17/2006 8:30 pm (et) mobile_96: 3 stooges scenes

4/17/2006 8:30 pm (et) jim morgan: I figure we'll get Johnny Depp to play Stone and Adam Sandler to be McClellan.

4/17/2006 8:30 pm (et) ks: Including (I'd hope) the scene with staff being sent to Stone's family to retrieve "the key". Sheesh!

4/17/2006 8:30 pm (et) Basecat: The confederates used I mean.

4/17/2006 8:31 pm (et) mobile_96: Good choice Jim

4/17/2006 8:32 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: the ravine on the Federal left is at the base of "Mississippi Ridge" which is 275 feet high. The ground on the BB side isn't that high but rises up steeply out of the ravine and the several intersecting ravines. It could NOT have been easy for the Confederates to rush up out of those ravines.

4/17/2006 8:33 pm (et) ks: I'm sorry. About the only Adam Sandler movie I've seen is The Waterboy. Hearing Little Mac's words in that 'Bobby' Boucher voice right now.... ;) ;)

4/17/2006 8:33 pm (et) Basecat: That's part of the field we did not really look over when we visited down there...Thanks for the I did not realize it was that deep.

4/17/2006 8:33 pm (et) Basecat: ks..:)

4/17/2006 8:33 pm (et) Teej: You can't picture Mac saying "Lee is the debil?" :-)

4/17/2006 8:34 pm (et) jim morgan: I thought Stanton was the debil.

4/17/2006 8:35 pm (et) Teej: Oops, you're right, Jim.

4/17/2006 8:35 pm (et) Basecat: 39 versions of death of Baker...Was wondering if you have come across more since the book was published...That and if you have found or are still looking for Stone's plan for the action?

4/17/2006 8:36 pm (et) Babs: The debil is in the details. Like the detail of digging those trenches.

4/17/2006 8:36 pm (et) jim morgan: The number of Baker death stories is up to 42 now. I'm sure I'll find more.

4/17/2006 8:37 pm (et) Basecat: Nothing as outrageous as the tale that was published in Confederate Veteran in 1901??

4/17/2006 8:37 pm (et) mobile_96: Ever going to 'publish' all of the death stories?

4/17/2006 8:38 pm (et) jim morgan: Still looking for Stone's plan. The one thing I can do now that I couldn't do when the book came out is demonstrate that it absolutely DID post-date the battle. I say it "probably" did in the book. Docs in the Sec War papers and McClellan papers show that Stone wrote a plan to take Leesburg sometime between Jan 20-31, 1862. Still haven't seen the plan but there's NO hard evidence of the existence of a plan at the time of Ball's Bluff. I think later refs to the plan got confused and essentially backdated in people's minds.

4/17/2006 8:38 pm (et) jim morgan: mobile: Not a bad idea. Might make a good article.

4/17/2006 8:39 pm (et) mobile_96: or 2

4/17/2006 8:39 pm (et) Teej: I second Mobile's suggestion.

4/17/2006 8:39 pm (et) jim morgan: How about "The Many Deaths of Edward Dickinson Baker?"

4/17/2006 8:40 pm (et) Basecat: Jim, when I read that passage in the book about the plan, can just imagine it sitting on some shelf somewhere in DC and not even noticed it is there.

4/17/2006 8:40 pm (et) Teej: "Death is a Many Splendored Thing?"

4/17/2006 8:40 pm (et) Babs: "Ed's Dead. More than a Baker's dozen ways"

4/17/2006 8:40 pm (et) mobile_96: "Let Me Count The Ways I Can Die"

4/17/2006 8:41 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: Yeah, and that's very frustrating. I know that Stone submitted it to McClellan so it SHOULD be in the Mac papers but I've not found it there. Or anywhere else and I can't really think of a good reason for it to have disappeared.

4/17/2006 8:41 pm (et) Teej: Oooooooo...very good, Babs!

4/17/2006 8:41 pm (et) Basecat: Anymore thoughts, comments or questions on Chapter 6?? If not..Let's move to Chapter 7 "No Lizards Ever Got Closer To The Ground As We Did".

4/17/2006 8:41 pm (et) jim morgan: LOVE those titles.

4/17/2006 8:41 pm (et) Teej: Would a copy of it have been in Stones' papers that were seized?

4/17/2006 8:42 pm (et) ks: Agreed on that title. As I read I kept thinking that I wish I were designing a t-shirt for Ball's Bluff rather than for Gettysburg. ;) Cool quote.

4/17/2006 8:42 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej: I'd think so but those papers were sent to the War Dept and sealed. Guess who ran the War Dept?

4/17/2006 8:43 pm (et) Teej: By any chance could it have been, um...Stanton?

4/17/2006 8:43 pm (et) jim morgan: ks: By all means, design a t-shirt for Ball's Bluff. I'll buy one.

4/17/2006 8:43 pm (et) Teej: Me too.

4/17/2006 8:43 pm (et) jim morgan: The debil his own self.

4/17/2006 8:44 pm (et) Teej: Mac's defense..."The Debil made me do it?"

4/17/2006 8:45 pm (et) jim morgan: Hunton exaggerated his and the 8th Va's role too. He really sugarcoats the temporary panic that kept them out of the fight for a couple of hours. Doesn't mention it in his report and glosses over it 40 years later in his memoirs. I've gotten into some trouble locally for pointing out that part of the 8th Va (the local Loudoun county unit) broke and ran, but they did.

4/17/2006 8:45 pm (et) Basecat: As the battle generates into a debacle, is it safe to say that the panic on Union side occurred at the same time, or was a drawn out progress along the lines?

4/17/2006 8:46 pm (et) Basecat: And was Baker's death the start of the panic on the Union side?

4/17/2006 8:46 pm (et) Teej: You mean Hunton didn't win the battle by himself?

4/17/2006 8:47 pm (et) ks: I was amazed with the different "perceptions" of what happened to the Federals' James rifle. And all of those people wrote their accounts as if the gospel. Terrific example of how an author has to dig/search and make an educated guess at "the TRUTH", huh?

4/17/2006 8:48 pm (et) jim morgan: Good question, Steve. Once the breakout attempt failed, there was a slight delay before the 17th Miss made the climactic attack. During that time Col. Cogswell organized a heavy skirmish line to keep the rebs back long enough for the yanks to get some of the wounded to the island. When the 17th charged, with the 18th on both its flanks, the panic set it. If it was not immediate all along the line, it had to have happened pretty quickly; like a dam breaking.

4/17/2006 8:49 pm (et) jim morgan: No, Teej, despite the later claims of the (mostly Virginia) writers who called Hunton "the hero of Ball's Bluff," he wasn't. If anyone was, it was Featherston though I really think he just happened to hit the Union troops right at the time when they were about to snap anyway.

4/17/2006 8:49 pm (et) jim morgan: ks: You mean the stories of the James getting thrown over the bluff?

4/17/2006 8:50 pm (et) ks: Yes, that's what I mean. :) Interesting to read the varying accounts.

4/17/2006 8:51 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: Baker's death didn't start the panic. There was time for Cogswell to take command and try to organize the breakout. When the 17th Miss (fresh troops, full cartridge boxes) advanced, that precipitated the rout.

4/17/2006 8:52 pm (et) Teej: Which of the Federal guns supposedly ended up with Mosby or am I'm thinking about something else?

4/17/2006 8:52 pm (et) jim morgan: ks: It just struck me at some point that all those accounts of the gun being thrown over the cliff were second hand. Nobody actually saw it or reported participating in doing it.

4/17/2006 8:53 pm (et) ks: And it would sure make sense that SOMEBODY would havet mentioned it in a report or correspondence with family/friends.

4/17/2006 8:54 pm (et) jim morgan: I don't think any of the guns ended up with Mosby though some stories claim that he got one or both of the mountain howitzers. The artillery museum at Ft Sill has a mountain howitzer that is supposed to be one of the ones from BB but it is a Confederate-made piece and can't be one of the BB captures.

4/17/2006 8:54 pm (et) Basecat: Thanks Jim..From reading the book, I can see that a lot of folks saw Baker go down, and just wondered if that started in some that we are in trouble syndrome.

4/17/2006 8:55 pm (et) jim morgan: ks: Quite right. As I note, if there is a 2000 pound piece of artillery hung up on the side of a cliff, its going to take quite an effort to retrieve it. Somebody would have written about doing that but no Confederate report mentions it at all.

4/17/2006 8:56 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: No doubt seeing Baker fall would have been very troubling. But Cogswell kept order until that final charge. I really think it was the fresh Confederate troops that did the trick. The yanks went toe to toe with the rebs all day and more than held their own right up to the arrival of those fresh troops late in the day.

4/17/2006 8:56 pm (et) Teej: Are there Confederate reports that they took the James Rifle?

4/17/2006 8:57 pm (et) Basecat: Just how many times was he shot Jim...Have read various descriptions as to how many wounds he had?

4/17/2006 8:57 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej: Yes, Featherston got it and so claimed. Hunton claimed to have taken both of the mountain howitzers, though Featherston also claimed one of those.

4/17/2006 8:58 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: You mean Baker? I've seen accounts that say he was shot anywhere from 3 - 9 times; plus the shot-to-the-head accounts that say he went down immediately that way. One journalist who saw his body said it was "ball riven" so he was hit many times though some could have been after he was down.

4/17/2006 8:59 pm (et) Teej: Was there an autopsy of Baker?

4/17/2006 9:00 pm (et) Basecat: Jim...Thanks.

4/17/2006 9:00 pm (et) jim morgan: No autopsy. That would have been very helpful indeed.

4/17/2006 9:01 pm (et) Teej: I've read this but refresh my memory, was there any thought that Baker was hit by "friendly fire?"

4/17/2006 9:02 pm (et) Basecat: Just a dumb thought here, and don't mean to regress in the discussion, but why did it become important to send a ciphered message to take Leesburg, and yet all the correspondence before that was not in code??? Just does not make sense here?

4/17/2006 9:03 pm (et) jim morgan: I've read of a Union soldier at Edwards Ferry who was killed by "friendly fire." Don't think Baker was.

4/17/2006 9:04 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: Good question. The only thing I can think of is that the last sentence in that coded order was "Take Leesburg." But you'd think that Mac would have made sure that Stone had the code key BEFORE he sent him a coded message.

4/17/2006 9:04 pm (et) Teej: I've always thought what an oxymoron the phrase, "friendly fire" is.

4/17/2006 9:04 pm (et) Basecat: Jim...Thought the same thing when I read it today...and yet another thing that bothers me about Little Mac...

4/17/2006 9:05 pm (et) jim morgan: That code business reminds me of the time that Mac sent a bunch of boats up the C&O canal before he had anyone measure the locks to make sure the boats would fit through. They didn't.

4/17/2006 9:06 pm (et) Basecat: Details Shmetails...:) IIRC..Little Mac Family Crest..;)

4/17/2006 9:06 pm (et) Babs: What a maroon.

4/17/2006 9:06 pm (et) jim morgan: LOL. I love those Bugs Bunny cartoons.

4/17/2006 9:06 pm (et) Teej: LOL...Mac dreamed up the big picture, it was up to everyone else to fill in the details, no?

4/17/2006 9:07 pm (et) mobile_96: Who needs details when we have Little Mac

4/17/2006 9:07 pm (et) Basecat: A question about what happened as the Union soldiers tried to escape in the water. Was there a real effort made to round up prisoners, or was it so out of control, that it was hard to stop those firing at them in the water??

4/17/2006 9:07 pm (et) Teej: No, Mac's crest was "He Who Dies with the Most Men, Wins!" :-)

4/17/2006 9:08 pm (et) jim morgan: At first, the Confederates were shooting fish in a barrel.

4/17/2006 9:08 pm (et) jim morgan:  I've heard nothing about anyone trying to stop them.

4/17/2006 9:09 pm (et) Teej: Did any Confederate write afterward that he regretted shooting at the men in the water?

4/17/2006 9:09 pm (et) jim morgan: I can imagine they were pretty excited to have the yanks on the run (on the swim?) like that. In that situation, the logical thing to do was shoot as many as you could. I don't blame them for shooting the men in the water. Later in the evening, they did give them a chance to surrender.

4/17/2006 9:10 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: Essentially, the shooting stopped when it got too dark to see.

4/17/2006 9:11 pm (et) Teej: I agree, Jim. The survivors would be back to fight another day.

4/17/2006 9:11 pm (et) Basecat: Jim, which is another good point...Take Leesburg at that time of day. Very well pointed out by you in the book, and yet another thing that makes me wonder what Little Mac was thinking when he sent that message.

4/17/2006 9:12 pm (et) Teej: Know this is jumping ahead but I read a newspaper report that said when the last of the prisoners from BB were released there were no Yankee prisoners left in Richmond.

4/17/2006 9:13 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: Mac really didn't seem to understand what was going on. I think Stone did a decent job of keeping in contact but Mac wasn't considering the time lag. It was silly to order to Stone to "take Leesburg" (in code, no less) when Stone would have run out of daylight before it could have happened.

4/17/2006 9:13 pm (et) jim morgan: Teej: A very temporary situation.

4/17/2006 9:14 pm (et) Teej: LOL, yes I know.

4/17/2006 9:14 pm (et) Basecat: Jim...One last from me...The lull in the fighting...Neglect on the Union side to see that all was not going well, and instead of staying as they did...they should have vamoosed when they had the chance?

4/17/2006 9:15 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: which lull do you mean? Actually, it wasn't until very late in the day that things went sour for the yanks.

4/17/2006 9:16 pm (et) Teej: Despite all the snafus, mostly on the part of the officers, one HAS to commend the fight the Federals put up that day.

4/17/2006 9:16 pm (et) ks: Which is to say what? Were they quickly released? I'm guessing that was the case based upon Jim's "temporary situation" comment.

4/17/2006 9:16 pm (et) Basecat: The Lull mid afternoon...sorry I did not make myself clearer.

4/17/2006 9:17 pm (et) jim morgan: ks: The Ball's Bluff POWs joined the Bull Run POWs. By the time they all were released in Feb-Mar 62, there was a gap between then and the POWs that came in after the 7 Days.

4/17/2006 9:17 pm (et) Basecat: BTW...Cogswell and Lee's Daughter...Never knew that either..:)

4/17/2006 9:18 pm (et) Teej: "Mary's Lieutenant Cogswell?" :-)

4/17/2006 9:18 pm (et) Basecat: IIRC, back at that time of the war, when a Union officer was released, he was given a coupon to get a meal at the Waffle House...;) Sorry...but LOL..;)

4/17/2006 9:19 pm (et) jim morgan: Ah, the great romance. I'd love to find out more about that. Interestingly, Cogswell's NEXT assignment after teaching at West Point where he was sparking with Mary Lee was in New Mexico. I suspect that Daddy didn't approve and may have pulled some strings to get Lt Cogswell sent to a galaxy far, far away.

4/17/2006 9:19 pm (et) mobile_96: Or Stuckeys

4/17/2006 9:20 pm (et) Teej: LOL...I read a letter written by Jeb that said he had heard that Miss Mary was planning to marry Fitz Porter. :-)

4/17/2006 9:20 pm (et) jim morgan: Fitz Porter? Really?

4/17/2006 9:20 pm (et) ks: "Little Mac's" men should have been served under those double arches, Basecat. You know that. ;)

4/17/2006 9:21 pm (et) Teej: Yep, I'll see if I can find the letter and send it to you.

4/17/2006 9:21 pm (et) jim morgan: Would Mac have measured the double arches to make sure the boats could get through?

4/17/2006 9:21 pm (et) Babs: KS, No Way. You know there'd never be a Lil Mac attack.

4/17/2006 9:22 pm (et) Teej: The last man of which "Daddy" disapproved ended up at the end of a rope in Franklin, Tn. Sorry, couldn't resist that.

4/17/2006 9:22 pm (et) jim morgan: Let's see. New Mexico or get hung? I think I'd take New Mexico.

4/17/2006 9:22 pm (et) Basecat: Not trying to stop the conversation, but would like to let folks know homework for next week...We are finishing the book. Chapters 8 thru the appendixes. 70 pages. Alas, I will not be hear for the finale, as I will be in Gettysburg next weekend. I leave you all in the good hands of ks the Moderator, and will be sending her some questions and comments from the book before I depart to Gettysburg.

4/17/2006 9:23 pm (et) ks: Babs, have YOU seen the t-shirt? ;) We did a "Little Mac Attack" t-shirt for the Maryland Campaign muster some years ago. ;)

4/17/2006 9:23 pm (et) Teej: Would he have tried to turn the boats sideways? :-)

4/17/2006 9:23 pm (et) jim morgan: Next week we're back to Sunday night, right? I'll try my best to be here.

4/17/2006 9:23 pm (et) Teej: Did the t-shirts come piecemeal?

4/17/2006 9:23 pm (et) ks: Yes. Homework's already posted on YODB.

4/17/2006 9:24 pm (et) Babs: KS, No, I haven't. Good idea.

4/17/2006 9:24 pm (et) Teej: Thanks, Jim, it was great discussion.

4/17/2006 9:24 pm (et) ks: Actually they (the shirts) were screwed up and had to be re-ordered from VA. But most of them arrived ON TIME! ;)

4/17/2006 9:24 pm (et) Basecat: Jim...Yes...Sunday evening at 8 PM EDT. Thanks for attending tonight, and for adding so much to our discussion. You have written a very interesting book, and am glad we chose it for our book chat.

4/17/2006 9:24 pm (et) Teej: Ah, delivered by A.P. Hill?

4/17/2006 9:24 pm (et) Vickie: anyone mention how the song vacant chair was written?

4/17/2006 9:24 pm (et) mobile_96: Agree, excellent evening

4/17/2006 9:25 pm (et) Vickie: I'll have to read the scroll later

4/17/2006 9:25 pm (et) Basecat: Vickie...It was not mentioned.

4/17/2006 9:25 pm (et) jim morgan: Steve: Thanks very much. I'm delighted that you chose my book to discuss. I've enjoyed it.

4/17/2006 9:26 pm (et) Teej: You'll be here next week, Jim?

4/17/2006 9:26 pm (et) jim morgan: Vickie: Henry Washburn was a friend of the Grout family and wrote a poem to honor the death of Lt . Grout at Ball's Bluff. George Root later set the poem to music and "The Vacant Chair" was born.

4/17/2006 9:26 pm (et) mobile_96: I have to go too, catch everyone later

4/17/2006 9:27 pm (et) Teej: It is a beautiful song.

4/17/2006 9:28 pm (et) jim morgan: Thanks again, all.

4/17/2006 9:28 pm (et) Teej: Need to go too. Thanks again, Jim. Everyone take care. I'll try to BBL.

4/17/2006 9:28 pm (et) jim morgan: See you next week.