Army of Virginia

        To obtain closer organization in the various commands operating in Virginia, President Lincoln, on June 26, 1862, constituted the Army of Virginia out of Major-General Fremont's forces (Mountain Department), those of Major-General McDowell (Department of the Rappahannock), those of Major-General Banks (Department of the Shenandoah), and Brigadier-General Sturgis' brigade from the Military District of Washington. This last, an unorganized body of troops, did not join the army at once. Major-General John Pope was placed at the head of the new organization, which was divided into three corps. Exclusive of. Sturgis' troops it numbered between forty and fifty thousand men, and was augmented later by troops from three corps of the Army of the Potomac. A corps of the Army of Virginia checked " Stonewall " Jackson's advance at Cedar Mountain, on August 9th, but the entire organization was defeated at Manassas by Jackson and Longstreet, August 29th and 30th, and withdrew to the lines of Washington. On September 12th, the Army of Virginia was merged in the Army of the Potomac.
        Major-General John Pope (U. S. M. A. 1842) was born in Louisville, Kentucky, March 16, 1822. He served in the Mexican War, rising to the rank of captain. After this he did much work on engineering service in connection with the development of the West. When the Civil War broke out, Pope was sent to Cairo, Illinois, and later to command the troops in northern Missouri. From February to June, 1862, he headed the newly created Army of the Mississippi, during which time he was made major-general of volunteers and brigadier-general of the regular army. His most notable achievement was the capture of Island No. 10, as a result of which he was put in command of the Army of Virginia, June 26, 1862. The reverse of Second Bull Run caused him to ask to be relieved of this command, and he was sent to the Department of the Northwest, to carry on the war against the Sioux Indians. He headed other departments in the West until he was retired, in 1886. His last command was the Department of the Pacific. He was brevetted major-general in March, 1865, for his services at Island No. 10, and received the full rank in 1882. Major-General Pope died at Sandusky, Ohio, September 23, 1892.
Source: "Photographic History of the Civil War"

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