Army of the Kanawha

        The Confederate forces assigned to operate in the Kanawha valley, West Virginia, were placed under the command of Brigadier-General John B. Floyd on August II, 1861, and denominated the Army of the Kanawha. This force and one under Brigadier-General Henry A. Wise were its chief constituents. The troops took part in the engagement at Carnifex Ferry. The strength of the command was about thirty-five hundred. Some of the troops were sent with Floyd to the Central Army of Kentucky, early in 1862, and formed one of its divisions. Several of the regiments were captured at Fort Donelson when this post capitulated to General Grant.
        Brigadier-General John Buchanan Floyd was born at Blacksburg, Virginia, June l, 1807, and became a lawyer, practicing in Arkansas and Virginia. He entered politics, and served in the Virginia legislature, and as governor of the State in 1850. He was Secretary of War in the Buchanan cabinet, where owing to his administrative methods he was requested to resign in 1860. At the opening of the Civil War he entered the Confederate army and was appointed brigadier-general in May, 1861. He headed the force known as the Army of the Kanawha, and in February, 1868, was in command of Fort Donelson, Tennessee. He and Brigadier-General Gideon J. Pillow fled therefrom the night before the capitulation, leaving Brigadier-General Simon Bolivar Buckner to conduct the negotiations and surrender to General Grant. For this General Floyd was relieved of his command. In November, 1862, he was in command of the Virginia State Line, and died at Abingdon, Virginia, August 26, 1863.
Source: "The Photographic History of the Civil War"

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