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Army of the Frontier

        The field forces in Missouri and Kansas were organized into the Army of the Frontier on October 12, 1862. It was commanded by Major-Generals J. M. Schofield and F. J. Herron, and by Major-General James G. Blunt temporarily. It was very active during its existence, and fought many minor engagements in the Southwest, including dark's Mill, Missouri, and Prairie Grove, Arkansas, and the capture of Van Buren, Arkansas. The army went out of existence June 5, 1863, and its troops were scattered among the districts in Tennessee and Missouri.
        Major-General Francis Jay Herron was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1837, and gave up his business career in Iowa to go to the front as lieutenant-colonel of an Iowa regiment. He served in the Army of the Southwest, and was captured at Pea Ridge after conduct that brought him great praise and a medal given a division of the Army of the Frontier, which he commanded at Prairie Grove. From March to June, 1868, he was, as major-general of volunteers, at the head of the army itself. Later, as division commander of the Thirteenth Corps, he was present at the fall of Vicksburg, and also held command in Texas and at Port Hudson. He received the surrender of the Confederate forces west of the Mississippi in May, 1865. He resigned from the service in June, 1865, and practiced law in New Orleans and New York. He died January 8,1902.
        Major-General James G. Blunt was born in Trenton, Maine, in 1826, and became a physician. He settled in Kansas, where he became prominent for his work in the anti-slavery movement. He went to the Civil War as lieutenant-colonel and was made brigadier-general of volunteers in April, 1862. He was placed at the head of the Department of Kansas on May 5, 1862, and when that department was merged in that of Missouri, on September 19th, he was given a division in the Army of the Frontier. On December 7th, his division and that of Brigadier-General F. J. Herron checked, at Prairie Grove, Arkansas, the advance of Major-General Hindman into Missouri. Blunt was senior officer in command of both divisions in the battle. From June, 1863 to January, 1864, he was at the head of the District of the Frontier, that army having been broken up. From October, 1864, to the end of the war he commanded the District of South Kansas. He died in Washington, D. C., July 25, 1881.
Source: "Photographic History of the Civil War"

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