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Antietam (Sharpsburg), As Documented By
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The Southern Historical Society Papers

      "In New Orleans, in 1868, I determined to set foot on a plan for the systematic collection and preservation of the Southern archives relating to the war. General Dick Taylor cordially encouraged me, and in May of that year I called a meeting  by quiet personal requests of nine or ten gentlemen in the office of Hewitt and Morton. After conversational discussion, it was agreed to meet at the same place one week from that date. Meantime, each of us agreed to canvass among friends and bring them in to help. Next week forty of us assembled, (among them were ten former generals, seven colonels two lieutenant generals, one major, seven captains, two first lieutenants, six medical officers and three members who had been in the Confederate Congress.) and the noble and able Presbyterian divine, Dr. B.M. Palmer, was elected president, and our work went on for several years......."

Major General Dabney Herndon Maury
Founder of the Southern Historical Society

        Thus began one of the most extensive searches for data supporting the "Southern Cause" ever attempted. The Southern Historical Society Papers consist of 52 volumes and contain some of the finest writings of the men of the South ever assembled. For this section of my website I have selected only those that pertain directly to the Battle of Antietam (or Sharpsburg as it was called by the Confederates at the time).   The following articles are presented in no particular sequence and may be read, at you leisure, in any order you prefer.

McClellan and Lee At Sharpsburg The author disputes some of the casualty numbers for the battle.
Gen. H. L Benning on Sharpsburg Benning gives his version of the battle.
Cavalry Fight At Boonsboro Contrary to popular belief, there was cavalry action at Antietam.
The Battle of Boonsboro Gap Another look at the battle of South Mountain.
Battle of Antietam or Sharpsburg Reminiscences of Jackson's Old Division by Captain James M. Garnett and Alexander Hunter.
Fifteenth Virginia At The Crisis Just a little something on this units actions at Antietam.
The First Maryland Campaign Again, Longstreet is not treated kindly in the after the war writings.
Reminiscences of Sharpsburg Just a dandy little article on "The Stragglers' Brigade".

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