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The Alabama Civil War Cavalry Commands
(and References to Their Services in the Official Records)

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The following units were Alabama cavalry that were not designated as "regiments".

The Fourth Battalion, Alabama Cavalry

        The Fourth Alabama battalion was made up of three companies from Alabama which went to Virginia in 1862. They were first assigned to the Jeff Davis legion, and afterward became part of the Phillips legion, Hampton's Cavalry, in which organization they did some hard fighting. Their captains were Andrew P. Love, McKenzie and Roberts. Captain Love was captured at Dinwiddie.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 82--(763) July 11, 1864, assigned, by special orders, No. 161, to the Jeff Davis legion of cavalry. (823) Field returns, July, 1864.
        No. 88--(656) Transferred to Phillips' legion, September, 1864. (1219) August 10, 1864; Young's brigade, Butler's division, Hampton's cavalry corps. (1310) September, 1864, with Phillips' legion, assignment as above.

The Twenty-Fourth Battalion, Alabama Cavalry

        The Twenty-fourth battalion of cavalry was organized late in the war; it was detached from Roddey's brigade when the latter was transferred to Polk's army in April, 1864, and remained with the army of Tennessee, serving with General Wheeler's cavalry. It was in Hannon's brigade until January, 1865, when it was transferred to Hagan's. Its record is the same as that of the Fifty-third Alabama. Maj. Robert B. Snodgrass, who commanded the battalion, was wounded three times.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 59--(801) On picket in front of Dalton, April 20, 1864; not transferred to Polk's army with Roddey's brigade. (871) Maj. Robert B. Snodgrass, in Hannon's brigade, General Wheeler's corps, April 30th.
        No. 74--(642, et seq.) In Hannon's brigade, General Wheeler's corps, Atlanta campaign. (956) Mentioned in General Wheeler's report of battle of Resaca.
        No. 78--(856) Same assignment, September 20, 1864. No. 99--(980) Mentioned in organization of corps commanded by General Wheeler, Charleston, S.C., January 2, 1865. Transferred to Hagan's brigade. (1072) Capt. R. F. Davis transferred to Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's corps, January 31st. (1148-1152) Mentioned by Maj. John Devereux, Augusta, Ga., February 10th.

The Twenty-Fifth Battalion, Alabama Cavalry

        The Twenty-fifth battalion was sometimes called Mead's battalion. Capt. L. G. Mead commanded a company which operated very effectively in north Alabama and Tennessee in the summer and fall of 1862. He afterward raised a number of companies, and his men were spoken of as most reckless and daring. They were formed into battalions, the Alabama companies being consolidated into the Twenty-fifth battalion, in March, 1864, under the command of Maj. Miles E. Johnston, and serving in the neighborhood of the Tennessee river. They surrendered at Huntsville, May 11, 1865.

Extracts From Official War Records

        Mead's company. Vol. XVI, Part 2--(758) August 15, 1862, ordered to operate in north Alabama and Tennessee, and report to nearest Confederate commander. (781) General Bragg's order, Chattanooga, Tenn., August 26, 1862. The following assignment of cavalry is announced: Crawford's, Mead's and Allen's regiment, commanded by Colonel Wheeler, to left wing of army of the Mississippi, and will report to Major-General Hardee.
        Twenty-fifth Battalion, Maj. Miles E Johnston. No. 103--(561, 562) Mentioned in report of Colonel Given, Huntsville, Ala., May 29, 1865, in report of surrender of Johnston's command. (563, 564, 566) Correspondence of Major Johnston, Huntsville, Ala., May, in regard to terms of surrender. (640) Mentioned by Gen. R. W. Johnson (Union), Pulaski, Tenn.; called Mead's battalion. (665) Mentioned by Col. W. J. Clift (Union), Fayetteville, Tenn., Mead's men "the most reckless and daring in the country." (1023) Special orders, No. 52, Richmond, Va., March 2, 1865. "The following companies Alabama cavalry raised within the enemy's lines by Capt. L. G. Mead, under authority of the war department, are hereby organized into a battalion, to be known as the Twenty-fifth battalion, Alabama cavalry: Capt. M. E. Johnston's, Capt. F. E. Cotton's, Capt. D.C. Nelson's, Capt. R. L. Welch's, Capt. W. M. Campbell's and Capt. John Cobb's."

Barbiere's Reserve Cavalry

        Barbiere's reserve cavalry consisted of six companies under the command of Maj. Joseph Barbiere, and served principally in central Alabama during the fall and winter of 1864-65.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 93--(1233) In Armistead's brigade, central Alabama, General Taylor's army, November 20, 1864. No. 94--(634) In Armistead's brigade, central Alabama, General Maury's army, December 1, 1864. No. 103--(998) Barbiere's battalion cavalry, six companies, headquarters Wilsonville, February, 1865.

Beall's Battalion, Alabama Cavalry

        Beall's battalion of cavalry consisted of three companies of cavalry under the command of Maj. T. S. Beall, and served under General Beall, in Mississippi, in the spring of 1862.

Extracts From Official War Records

        Vol. X, Part 2--(459) Present for duty, 42, April 28, 1862, General Beall's cavalry at Corinth, Miss.

Gunter's Battalion, Alabama Cavalry

        Gunter's battalion of cavalry was organized early in 1862, and was merged with Gibson's Eighteenth battalion of mounted infantry. It served with Forrest's cavalry, and engaged in numerous conflicts with the enemy along the Tennessee. In November it was dismounted; joined the army of Tennessee, was attached to Wood's brigade, and fought with heavy loss at Chickamauga. Maj. John T. Gibson, who succeeded Major Gunter in command, was killed at Chickamauga. The battalion afterward fought with Cleburne. It was attached to the Twenty-third Alabama without losing its organization.

Extracts From Official War Records

        Vol. XVI, Part 2--(783) Mentioned by Gen. Sam Jones, Chattanooga, Tenn., August 27, 1862. (857) Moved to Tullahoma, September 20th. (890) Moved to Nashville, September 29th. (918) Sent to Lavergne, October 6th. (929) Ordered to report to General Forrest, Knoxville, October 9th.

Hardie's Reserve Cavalry

        Hardie's reserve cavalry consisted of six companies under command of Maj. Joseph Hardie, and served in Alabama and Georgia. Hardie's company is mentioned in reports of Rousseau's raid and at various points in Georgia. The battalion, 530 strong, was at Talladega in February, 1865, and was attached to General Maury's army.

Extracts From Official War Records

        Hardie's Reserve Company: No. 74--(975) Mentioned by Major Walthall in report of Rousseau's raid, July 14, 1864, about 20 men. No. 75--(793) Mentioned near Rome, Ga., June 22d. No. 78--(686) Mentioned by Captain Bowie, June 28th, at Cave Spring.
        Hardie's Reserve Battalion: No. 93--(1233) In Armistead's brigade, central Alabama, November 20, 1864. No. 94--(634) In Armistead's brigade, central Alabama, December 1st. No. 103--(998) Hardie's battalion cavalry, six companies; 530 for duty; headquarters, Talladega, Ala

Lewis' Battalion, Alabama Cavalry

        Lewis' battalion served in central Alabama and Georgia during the summer and fall of 1864, and until the close of the war. It consisted of five companies under Captains Harrell, Brooks, Morrison, Barnes and May. The gallant Major Lewis was killed while leading the battalion at Lafayette, Ga. He was succeeded in command by Maj. William V. Harrell.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 74--(997) One killed, 5 wounded, at Lafayette, Ga., June 24, 1864. Maj. T. H. Lewis killed. (998, 999) Col. C. H. Armistead's report says: "Majors Lewis and Redwood have tested their devotion to our cause by sealing it with their blood." (1000, 1001) Colonel Ball's report of same. (1003) Capt. William V. Harrell's report says: "When nearly opposite the east end of the jail, the noble, gallant and chivalrous Major Lewis fell mortally wounded, while leading his men to the charge, addressing them in language of endearment and encouragement, stimulating them by word and example to the performance of deeds worthy of the world-wide reputation of the sons of the South for bravery and heroism. As the spirit of the lamented Lewis was about to bid adieu to its earthly tenement, his feeble voice was heard saying: 'Charge them, boys, charge them,' and right nobly did his gallant boys respond." (1004) One killed, 7 wounded at battle of Lafayette.
        No. 78--(791) In Armistead's brigade, district of Central and Northern Alabama, commanded by Brig.-Gen. D. W. Adams, August 21, 1864. (812) Present for duty, 104, Talladega, Ala., September 1st.
        No. 93--(1233) In Armistead's brigade, under Maj. William V. Harrell, central Alabama, November 20, 1864. No. 94--(634) In same brigade, December. No. 103--(1047) In same brigade, army of Mobile, March 10, 1865.

Moreland's Battlalion, Alabama Cavalry

        Moreland's battalion was included in Roddey's brigade and was in north Alabama and Tennessee during the greater part of the winter and spring of 1863-64, serving for a time in Hannon's brigade. It fought at Tishomingo creek, June, 1864, and was attached to General Maury's army, serving in central and northern Alabama. It was paroled at Iuka, May 18, 1865.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 52--(595) Mentioned by Gen. E. A. Carr (Union), Corinth, September 13, 1863. Left in valley on Roddey's departure. No. 54--(38) Mentioned by General Ferguson near Courtland, Ala., October 31, 1863. (603) Mentioned by Colonel Rowett (Union), Pulaski, Tenn., December 18th. Report of skirmish on Shoal creek, December 12th.
        No. 55--(664) Col. M.D. Moreland, Roddey's brigade, Wheeler's corps, detached, November 20, 1863.
        No. 56--(92) Mentioned by Gen. J. D. Stevenson, Corinth, November 8, 1863. (619, 806, 888) In Roddey's brigade, Wheeler's corps, October to December, 1863. No. 58---(590) In Roddey's brigade, Wheeler's corps, January so, 1864.
        No. 59--(429) Mentioned by Colonel Rowett, Bailey's Springs, April 18, 1864. (735) Mentioned, March 26th, as being near Moulton.
        No. 77--(231) One killed, 5 wounded, at battle of Tishomingo Creek, June 10, 1864. (345) Reconnoissance near Tupelo, July 14th.
        No. 79--(817) Mentioned by General Forrest, October 12, 1864. No. 93--(1233) In Roddey's brigade, district of North Alabama, November 20th
        No. 94--(634) In Roddey's brigade, North Alabama, December 1st.
        No. 99--(1150) Mentioned by Maj. John G. Devereux, February 10, 1865, as having belonged to Hannon's original command.
        No. 104--(830) Paroled at Iuka, May 18, 1865.

Stuart's Battalion, Alabama Cavalry

        Stuart's battalion, commanded by Maj. James H. Stuart, served in north Alabama from the summer of 1864 until the close of the war, and was frequently engaged in scouting and skirmishing.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 77--(362) Mentioned in report of Col. William T. C. Grower, expedition from Decatur to Courtland,
        and skirmish, July, 1864.
        No. 78--(668) In north Alabama, June, 1864, Col. Josiah Patterson's report.
        No. 93--(1233) In Roddey's brigade, district of North Alabama, November 20th.
        No. 94--(634) In Roddey's brigade, north Alabama, December 1st.
        No. 103--(48) Mentioned near Warrenton, February 17, 1865.

Companies Of Alabama Cavalry

        In addition to the regiments and battalions, there were a number of detached companies of Alabama cavalry, most of which served in the defense of Mobile and the Bay forts. Cottrill's, White's and Arrington's served at Pollard, Mobile and Fort Morgan in and after 1862; and Amos', Baldwin's, under Capt. T. C. Barlow, the Dorrence Rangers, under Capt. John W. Murrell, Golds-by's and Meador's companies served there later. Gordon's regiment is mentioned at Murfreesboro, and Houston's and Hubbard's at Fort Henry. Crocheron's Light Dragoons, under Capt. E. M. Holloway, served for a long time as escorts in the army of Tennessee.

Extracts From Official War Records

        Captain Amos' Company. Vol. XV--(1068) Canty's brigade, Buckner's corps, April, 1863, at or near Pollard. No. 42--(39) June 8, 1863, in eastern division of department of the Gulf.
        Baldwin's Rangers, Capt. T. C. Barlow. Vol. XV--(850) In army of Mobile, October 31, 1862. (1069) In Powell's brigade, General Buckner's corps, April, 1863, Perdido river. No. 42--(39, 131, 157) Powell's brigade, Mobile, to August, 1863, Camp Powell.
        Cottrill's Scouts. Vol. VI--(499) Very highly commended in Col. W. L. Powell's report, January 20, 1862, of contest for possession of the schooner Andracita, formerly J. W. Wilder, near Fort Morgan.
        Crocheron Light Dragoons, Capt. E. M. Holloway. Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(945, 958) Mentioned among escorts, Polk's army corps, Atlanta, July and August, 1863. Nos. 51, 59, 74--Same mention, September, 1863, to June, 1864.
        Dorrence Rangers, Capt. John W. Murrell. Vol. XV--(850) Army of Mobile, October 31, 1862. (1069) Cumming's brigade, Buckner's corps, department of the Gulf, April, 1863, near Mobile. No. 42--(39) Department of the Gulf, June 8, 1863, at Pascagoula.
        Captain Goldsby's Company Mounted Infantry. No. 65--(442) August 30, 1864, Brigadier-General Asboth, U. S. A., says of skirmish at Milton, Fla.: "Came upon Captain. Goldsby with about 100 men." No. 78--(814) In Liddell's brigade, department of the Gulf, September 3, 1864. No. 104--(1261) Mentioned by Col. S. Jones, Demopolis, Ala., April 24, 1865; asks for couriers.
        Capt. H. R. Gordon's Company. Vol. XX, Part 2--(432) Polk's corps, army of Tennessee, about November 29, 1862, near Murfreesboro.
        Houston's and Hubbard's Companies. Vol. VII--(137-139, 140) At Fort Henry, February 5, 1862, General Tilghman's and Colonel Heiman's reports.
        Captain Meador's Company. No. 103--(1045) Mentioned as reporting to General Clanton, March 10, 1865, department of the Gulf.
        Mobile City Troop, Capt. E. T. Arrington. Vol. XV--(850) Army of Mobile, October 31, 1865. (1069) In Powell's brigade, April, 1863, Perdido river. No. 42--(39, 131, 157) In Powell's brigade, department of the Gulf, to August, 1863.
        Captain White's Company. Vol. XV--(850) At Mobile, 1862.

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