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The Ninth Alabama Cavalry

        The Ninth cavalry (also called Seventh) was formed near Tullahoma, May, 1863, by consolidating Malone's and Z. Thomason's battalions. It was in Wheeler's corps during the entire war.
        It first served in Wharton's division until December, 1863, and was in many skirmishes. It was then brigaded under Morgan, Russell, Allen and Hagan, and was constantly engaged in skirmishing. It suffered severely at Shelbyville and in protecting Longstreet's corps. It was in the pursuit of Sherman during 1864 and 1865, and finally surrendered in North Carolina. There were many casualties among its officers. Col. James C. Malone was wounded in Tennessee and at Noonday Creek. Lieut.-Col. Z. Thomason, Maj. Thomas H. Malone and Capt. S. S. Clayton were captured at Shelbyville. Adjt. William H. Binford died in the service. Capt. S. P. Dobbs was wounded at Shelbyville and in Georgia. Capt. James M. Robinson was wounded and captured; Capt. John B. Floyd was wounded at Noonday Creek; Capt. William E. Thompson was wounded in Tennessee and at Calhoun; Capt. Robert W. Figg was wounded at Dover; Capt. George Mason, who commanded the regiment in the summer of 1864, was wounded at Atlanta; Capt. James M. Stevenson was killed at Dover, Capt. William E. Wayland at Rome, and Capt. James E. Nance in South Carolina.

Extracts From Official War Records

        Fourteenth Battalion cavalry, merged in Ninth cavalry regiment: Vol. XVII, Part 2--(835) Two hundred and ten present for duty, January 14, 1863, headquarters Shelbyville, Wharton's cavalry brigade. Vol. XX, Part I--(661) Lieut.-Col. James C. Malone, Wharton's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Stone's river campaign. (966) Mentioned by General Wharton, Stone's river campaign, in Colonel Cox's charge with First Confederate, etc. (969) Lieutenant-Colonel Malone highly commended by General Wharton. Vol. XXIII, Part I--(66) Mentioned at engagement at Bradyville, Tenn., March 10, 1863, by Col. J. W. Paramore, Ohio cavalry. (160) Colonel Minty (Union) thinks Malone's battalion was in engagement at Milton, Tenn., March 20th.
        Thomason's Battalion, also known as Nineteenth Battalion, merged into Ninth cavalry regiment: Vol. XXIII, Part I--(277) Mentioned by Gen. W. T. Martin as skirmishing with the enemy, April 21, 1863, on Middleton road, near Hoover's gap. Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(730) Mentioned by General Wharton, Unionville, March 30, 1863.
        Ninth Alabama Cavalry: Vol. XXIII, Part I--(544) Mentioned in Gen. R. B. Mitchell's report of engagement of June 23, 1863, near Unionville, Tenn.
        Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(943, 960) In Wharton's division, Wheeler s corps, Bragg's army, July 31, 1863.
        No. 51--(19) Crews' brigade, Wheeler's corps, September 19 and 20, 1863.
        No. 53--(500) Assignment as above, August, 1863. (554) By special orders, Gadsden, Ala., August 25th, Dr. B. F. Cross assigned to duty.
        No. 54--(453) In Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, November 30, 1863. (548) Gen. W. T. Martin's report of engagement near Talbott's Station, December 29th, says: "I wheeled the Seventh Alabama to the right, and moved it into a cut of the railroad, securing a good position within 50 yards of the flank of the advancing infantry. The fire from the regiment and a countercharge by the Georgians soon drove the enemy into and through the woods, with heavy loss in killed and wounded." (778) Mentioned by Lieutenant-Colonel Roger (Union), as near Summerville, October 28th.
        No. 56--(51) Mentioned as being in Lookout valley, November, 1863. (94) Mentioned as at Round Mountain. (619) October 31st, First brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps. (623) Special orders, Missionary Ridge, November 1st, to report to Gen. Will T. Martin. (891) December 31, 1863, Russell's brigade, Morgan's division, Wheeler's cavalry corps.
        No. 73--(819, 822) Mentioned by Colonel Minty (Union), near Marietta, Ga., June 12, 1864, skirmish at McAfee's. At Noonday Creek, June 21st, regiment suffered severely.
        No. 74--(642) April 30, 1864, Morgan's brigade, Martin's division, Wheeler's corps. (650, et seq.) June 30th, under Capt. George Mason, Allen's brigade, Wheeler's corps, Atlanta campaign.
        No. 79--(509) Capt. A. A. Smith (Union) reports attack on regiment, Clarksville, October 29, 1864.
        No. 99--(352) Mentioned by General Kilpatrick, Wil-liston, S. C., February 8, 1865, on road to Augusta. (1071) January 31st, under Capt. S. P. Dobbs, Hagan's brigade, Wheeler's cavalry.

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