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The Seventh Alabama Cavalry

        The Seventh cavalry was organized in July, 1863, as part of Clanton's brigade, and served for more than a year in Quarles', Clanton's, Page's, Patton's and Thomas' brigades, in the vicinity of Pensacola and the bay forts. In the fall of 1864, it reported to General Forrest at Corinth, and took part in the raid on Johnsonville and the fighting as Hood moved toward Nashville. It suffered severely at this time, especially in the night attack on Brentwood. The regiment, after recruiting, joined General Buford at Montevallo in March, 1865; confronted Wilson's corps from Benton to Girard, and took part in the last fighting of the war, surrendering at Gainesville, May 14, 1865. Col. Joseph Hodgson led the regiment throughout the war, though detachments were at various times commanded with brilliant success by Maj. Turner Clanton, Jr., Captain Ledyard, and others. Capt. Charles P. Storrs was wounded at Columbia; Adjt. William T. Charles was captured at one time, but escaped. Colonel Hodgson, after the close of the war, devoted himself to journalism, in which he became quite distinguished, and he was at one time State superintendent of education.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 42--(239, 240) Mentioned in Gen. James H. Clan. ton's report of brigade organization, Pollard, Ala., September 19, 1863. (334) Gen. D. H. Maury, Mobile, October 17th, speaks very highly of Hodgson's regiment. (403) November 10, 1863, Quarles' brigade, department of the Gulf. (511, 561, 562) December, 1863, in Clanton's (Second) brigade; detachment in Higgins' (Third)brigade.
        No. 58--(582) January 20, 1864, in Clanton's brigade. No. 59--(861) April 30, 1864, four companies under Maj. Turner Clanton, Jr., in Page's brigade, district of the Gulf; detachment under Colonel Hodgson, Reynolds' brigade.
        No. 65--(386-425) Mentioned in reports of General Asboth (Union), skirmish near Barrancas, April 4, 1864. Companies G, E and I of the Seventh at Camp Gonzales, July 22d. "Three companies left at Fifteen-mile Station," July 28th.
        No. 66--(257) August 24, 1864, "Seventh cavalry at Pine Barren bridge."
        No. 77--(873) Cadet company mentioned by General Chalmers, in referring to attack on Federal gunboats, October 30, 1864. (875) Specially commended in same letter for conduct opposite Johnsonville, November 4, 1864.
        No. 78--(677, 678) June 30, 1864, effective total present, 451. (703) Two companies in Page's brigade at Bay forts, July 10th. (752) August 3, 1864, in Patton's brigade; two companies in Page's brigade. (814) September 3, 1864, Thomas' brigade, district of the Gulf, Gen. Franklin Gardner's forces. (874) Ordered, September 25th, to report to General Chalmers at Verona, Miss. (877) Colonel Hodgson ordered, September 26th, to stop his regiment at Egypt, and move it across to Panola.  (879) September 27th, ordered to send four companies, under a field officer, to Corinth; bring rest to Panola. (885) Captain Ledyard, commanding, reports eight companies at Meridian, Miss., September 29th. (887) September 30th, Thomas' brigade, department of the Gulf, en route for Grenada, Miss.
        No. 93--(760) Return of casualties for November, 1864, 2 killed, 28 wounded. (761) One killed, 12 wounded, December, 1864. (765) December 14, 1864, mentioned in report of General Chalmers as on Charlotte pike. (767) Commended in General Chalmers' report, especially m engagements of December 15th and 16th. Casualties from November 23 to December 6, 1864, 2 killed, 36 wounded. (1234) November 20, 1864, in Bell's brigade, Forrest's cavalry corps.
        No. 94--(127) Information regarding movements of the Seventh near Bridgeport, December 7, 1864. (751) January 1, 1865, mentioned in orders. (796) Mentioned by General Chalmers in general orders, January 19, 1865.
        No. 97--(786) Directed to Cherokee by command of Lieutenant-General Taylor, October 3, 1864.
        No. 103--(997) Mentioned in General Forrest's orders, dated West Point, February 20, 1865. (1031) General Forrest says: "Have ordered Seventh to Montevallo," March 6th.
        No. 104--(364) Mentioned in report of Captain Eaton (Union), Mobile, April 15, 1865.

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