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The Sixth Alabama Cavalry

        The Sixth Alabama cavalry was organized early in 1863, and formed a part of Clanton's brigade. It served in Florida and was first engaged at Pollard. Ordered to north Alabama, it took part in the skirmishes near Decatur and in the Atlanta-Dalton campaign. It fought Rousseau at Ten Islands, where it lost heavily in killed and captured. Transferred to west Florida, it fought Steele at Bluff Springs, and also Wilson's column in south Alabama, laying down its arms at Gainesville.

Extracts from Official War Records

        No. 42--(13I-511) In Clanton's brigade, Western division, department of the Gulf, General Maury commanding, August 1, 1863. August 10th, Montgomery, Ala.; at Pollard, September 19th. (562) In Jenifer's brigade, army of Mobile, December 31, 1853.
        No. 57--(333) Transferred to north Alabama, February, 1864.
        No. 58--(550) Mentioned by Gen. D. H. Maury, January 12, 1864. (651) Ordered to report to General Clan. ton at Gadsden, from Meridian, Miss., February 1st.
        No. 59--(214) At Tennessee river, near Decatur, April 1, 1864. (450) Near Danville, Ala., April 22d.
        No. 73--(906) Lieutenant-Colonel Lary and Major McWhorter captured at Ten Islands, Coosa river, August 14, 1864.
        No. 74--(646) In Armstrong's brigade, army of Mississippi, June 10, 1864. (653) Transferred to Clanton's brigade, June 30th. (677) In Jackson's division, army of Mississippi, June 10th.
        No. 75--(756) Mentioned by Gen. G. J. Pillow, June 2, 1864.
        No. 78--(691) Capt. George Goldthwaite, Blue Mountain, June 7, 1864, says: "Lieutenant-Colonel Lary commanding regiment."
        No. 93--(1233) Commanded by Lieut.-Col. Charles H. Colvin, Clanton's brigade, department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana; Lieut.-Gen. Richard Taylor commanding, November 20, 1864.
        No. 94--(634) In Clanton's brigade, district of Central Alabama, Brig.-Gen. D. W. Adams, December 1, 1864.
        No. 103--(71) Mentioned by General Asboth (Union), Barrancas, February 26, 1865. (280, 281) Mentioned by General Steele (Union), operations near Blakely, Ala., March 11th to April 9th. (302, 308) Mentioned in report of operations near Escambia river, March 25th. (713, 834) February 25th, at Canoe Station, 700 strong, Colonel Colvin commanding. (1047) Commanded by Lieut.-Col. W. T. Lary, in Clanton's brigade, with General Maury, March l0th.
        No. 104--(118) Mentioned as near Big Escambia bridge, March 27, 1865. (226) In Clanton's brigade.

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