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The Sixty-First Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Sixty-first regiment was organized at Pollard in September, 1863, and formed part of Clanton's brigade until the following January, when it was sent to Virginia and took the place of the Twenty-sixth in Battle's brigade. It was in Mobile in December, and in January, 1864, was sent to Orange Court House. It was.under fire at the Wilderness with severe loss, and distinguished itself by the capture of a battery, and by a most desperate and successful attack upon General Jenkins and his New York zouaves. After fighting at Spottsylvania and Second Cold Harbor, it moved into Maryland with General Early. It lost heavily at Snicker's Gap, Winchester and Fisher's Hill; was in the trenches at Petersburg and engaged during the retreat to Appomattox, where it surrendered, 27 strong, under Capt. A. B. Fannin. It was commanded successively by Col. W. G. Swanson, Lieut.-Col. L. H. Hill, Maj. W. E. Pinckard and Capt. Augustus B. Fannin, Jr. Lieutenant-Colonel Hill, Major Pinckard and Capt. W. H. Philpot were captured at Petersburg. Capt. A. B. Fannin, Jr., was wounded at Cold Harbor and Winchester. Capt. James W. Fannin was captured at Spottsylvania, and Capt. A. F. Zachary was wounded there. Capt. A. J. Slaughter was wounded at Snicker's Gap, Capt. A. D. McCaskill was killed at the Wilderness, and Capt. J. J. Joiner was killed at Hare's Hill.

Extracts From Official War Records

        No. 42--(239, 240) Mentioned in Gen. J. H. Clanton's report of organization of his brigade; Col. W. G. Swanson commanding regiment, September 19, 1863. (275) Called also Fifty-fifth, in General Clanton's brigade, department of the Gulf, September 3oth. (402, 511, 561) Called also Fifty-ninth, assignment as above, December, 1863, headquarters at Mobile, Ala. (549, 550) Report of Col. W. G. Swanson. (556) Commended in a communication of General Clanton.
        No. 58--(629, 726) General Polk says that special orders were issued, January 25, 1864, directing this regiment to proceed forthwith to northern Virginia.
        No. 60--(1122) By special orders, No. 20, January 25, 1864, assigned to the army of Northern Virginia. (1176) By special orders, No. 36, assigned to Battle's brigade in place of O'Neal's regiment, February 12, 1864.
        No. 67--(1083) Mentioned in Gen. C. A. Battle's communication relative to operations, May 8, 1864.
        No. 78--(589) Mentioned in letter of General Clanton to General Polk, May 9, 1864.
        No. 88--(1217) In Battle's brigade, Second corps, army of Northern Virginia, August 31, 1864; Lieut.-Col. Lewis H. Hill commanding regiment.
        No. 89--(1194) Brigaded under General Battle in army of Northern Virginia, October 31, 1864; Maj. William E. Pinckard commanding regiment. (1246) November 30th, Col. William G. Swanson commanding. (1364) December 31st, Maj. William E. Pinckard commanding.
        No. 90--(564) Battle's brigade, forces commanded by Lieut.-Gen. Jubal Early, battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864; Maj. William E. Pinckard commanding regiment.
        No. 95--(1270) Battle's brigade, Second corps, April, 1865; Capt. Augustus B. Fannin, Jr., commanding regiment.
        No. 96--(1172, 1187) Battle's brigade, Second corps, army of Northern Virginia; Lieut.-Col. Lewis H. Hill commanding regiment.

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