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The Fifth Alabama Cavalry

        This regiment was organized at Tuscumbia in December, 1862, and was sent into middle Tennessee, where it began a brilliant career by skirmishes at Chapel Hill. After serving a short time in Martin's brigade, it was transferred to Roddey's, and served continuously during the war. It was in Florida for a short time during the fall of 1863, but much of its service was in northern Alabama and vicinity. It captured a wagon-train at Hamburg, 60 prisoners and a train at Hunt's Mill, and 130 prisoners at Madison Station. It blocked the railroad in Rosecrans' rear, fought General Long at Moulton, stampeded a regiment at Oak hill, and accompanied General Forrest on his Pulaski raid. It skirmished with Steedman as he marched into the Tennessee valley, and fought Wilson all the way from Montevallo to Selma, where it took part in the defense of the city. The greater part of the regiment surrendered at Selma, the remainder at Danville, Morgan county. Col. Josiah Patterson creditably commanded the regiment till the close of the war.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XXIII, Part I--(240) Mentioned by General Steedman (Union), April 15, 1863, as at Chapel Hill.
    Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(362) Mentioned by Gen. J. M. Brannan, May 25, 1863, Chapel Hill. (708) Sent College Grove to support party sent out by General Wharton, March 18, 1863. (737) General Bragg tenders his thanks to Colonel Roddey and Colonel Patterson, and the gallant officers and men of their commands, for the interest manifested by them in perfecting their discipline and increasing their efficiency. (841) Detached from General Martin's brigade to join General Roddey's, Tullahoma, May 18th. (944, 961) In Roddey's brigade, Wheeler's corps, August, 1863.
        No. 41--(746) Mentioned by Capt. M. M. Young (Union), Barrancas, Fla., September 9, 1863; members of regiment arrested at house of Spanish consul.
        No. 42--(130) Total present, 372; sent to General Johnston, August 1, 1863.
        Nos. 53, 55, 56--In Roddey's brigade, Wheeler's corps, August to December, 1863.
        No. 57--(119) At Athens, Ala., January 26, 1864. (685) On Moulton road, April 24th. No. 58--(590) Roddey s brigade, Wheeler's corps, January 20th. No. 75--(756) Mentioned by General Pillow, Talladega, June 2d.
        No. 58--(515) Mentioned in petition from Alabama members and senators for increase of Roddey's force on Tennessee river, January, 1864. No. 59--(429) In north Alabama, April, 1864, mentioned by Col. Richard Rowett (Union). (609) Six companies Forrest's regiment, under Captain Warren, ordered to Marion county, Ala., to protect foundries, etc., March 10th. No. 77--(231) One ' killed, 3 wounded, in the battle of Tishomingo Creek, June 10, 1864.
        No. 77--(362) Mentioned in report of Col. William T. C. Grower, skirmish at Pond Spring, Ala., July 26, 1864.
        No. 78--(668) Report of Colonel Patterson, Pond Spring, Ala., June 27th. No. 93--(1233) Commanded by Lieut.-Col. James M. Warren, in Roddey's brigade, with Gen. Richard Taylor, November 20th. No. 94--(634) In Roddey's brigade, with General Maury, December 1st.
        No. 103--(455) Mentioned in report of Colonel Vail (Union), Bogler's creek, April 1st, and taking of Selma, April 2, 1865, as Patterson's regiment. (472) Mentioned in report of General Upton (Union), "Patterson's regiment passed through Elyton," about March 28th.

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