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The Fifty-Ninth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Fifty-ninth Alabama was formed from the Second and Fourth battalions of Hilliard's legion, at Charleston, Tenn., November 25, 1863, under the command of Col. Bolling Hall, Jr. It was in Gracie's brigade and took part in the East Tennessee campaign. It was at the investment of Knoxville, and the fights at Dandridge and Bean's Station. In April, 1864, it reached Richmond, and took part in the battles around that city; lost heavily at Drewry's, and was in the fight with Sheridan. It was in the trenches at Petersburg, and in conflicts in the vicinity, losing a number at Hatcher's Run and White Oak road. It was engaged at Appomattox and surrendered as part of Gordon's corps, Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson's division. Colonel Hall being wounded, and Lieut.-Col. John D. McLennan killed, at Drewry's, George W. Huguley succeeded to the command; Maj. Lewis H. Crumpler, who was distinguished for his gallantry in the battle of Chickamauga, was in command in April, 1865. Capt. H. H. Rutledge was killed at Drew-ry's, and Capt. Zach Daniel at Hatcher's Run; Adjt. Crenshaw Hall, Capts. S. E. Reaves and R. F. Manly were wounded at Drewry's; the latter was wounded and captured at Hatcher's Run; Capt. John E. Hall was wounded at Petersburg; Capts. J. C. Hendrix and J. W. Dillard died in the service, and Capt. J. Lang was twice wounded.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Fifty-ninth Alabama infantry, formed from Second and Fourth battalions, Hilliard's legion, Col. Bolling Hall, Jr. No. 54--(534, 535) Mentioned in report of Gen. Bushrod Johnson, engagement at Bean's Station, December 14, 1863.
        No. 58--(642) Gracie's brigade, Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson's troops, January 31, 1864.
        No. 59--(722) March 31, 1862, in Gracie's brigade, Longstreet's department. (802) April 20, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, Gen. B. R. Johnson's corps.
        No. 68--(207) In Gracie's brigade, Ransom's division. Forces in the Richmond and Petersburg lines, May 5 to 10, 1864.
        No. 69--(862) May 31, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, Ransom's troops.
        No. 81--(703) June 30, 1864, mentioned by Gen. Bushrod Johnson: about 250 strong.
        No. 88--(1065) September 28, 1864, mentioned by Gen. John C. Babcock (Union). (1166) August, 1864, Lieut.-Col. George W. Huguley, in Gracie's brigade, Johnson's division. (1227) September 1, 1864, in Gracie's brigade with General Beauregard. (1311) September 30, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, Johnson's division.
        No. 89--(1190) October 31, 1864, Gracie's brigade, B. R. Johnson's division. (1242) November 30, 1864, Gracie's brigade, B. R. Johnson's division. (1368) December 31, 1864, Gracie's brigade, B. R. Johnson's division.
        No. 95--(233) March 25, 1865, mentioned in report of Colonel Weygant (Union), skirmish near Hatcher's Run. (268) March 25, 1865, mentioned in report of General Chamberlain (Union), skirmish near Hatcher's Run, says: "Advance was made with great vigor and boldness, though not in heavy force." (1274) Maj. Lewis H. Crumpler, in Moody's brigade, Johnson's division, Lee's army, April 9, 1865.
        No. 96--(202) January 22, 1865, mentioned by General Parke (Union). (610) Mentioned by General Meade (Union). (1174) January 31, 1865, Lieut.-Col. George W. Huguley, in Gracie's brigade, Lee's army. (1183) January 31, 1865, in Gracie's brigade, Lee's army. (1273) February 28, 1865, in Gracie's brigade, Lee's army.
        No. 97--(219, 220) Mentioned by Colonel Weygant (Union), in report of fight near Watkins house, Petersburg, March 25, 1865.

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