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The Fourth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Fourth Alabama regiment, commanded by Col. Egbert I. Jones, was organized at Dalton, Ga., May, 1861, and immediately proceeded to Virginia. It fought with great distinction at Manassas, Seven Pines, Cold Harbor, Second Manassas, Boonesboro, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, The Wilderness, Spottsylvania, battles around Richmond and Petersburg. When General Lee surrendered at Appomattox, the regiment numbered but 202 men.
        Among the many officers who were killed in these battles were Col. Egbert I. Jones and Captain Lindsay, both of whom fell at Manassas; Capt. G. B. Martin at Seven Pines; William Lee at Malvern Hill; Lieut. C. C. Ferris at Second Manassas; Capt. J. Sullivan at Sharpsburg; Colonel McLemore at Boonesboro; Capt. J. Keith at Fredericksburg' Capt. W. W. Leftwich at Gettysburg; Major Coleman at Chickamauga; Captain Kidd at Chickamauga; Capt. Bayless C. Brown at The Wilderness; Capt. H. Armistead at Gaines' Mill; Capt. Alfred C. Price at Gaines' Mill, and Capt. A. Murray at Petersburg.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. I--(470) Referred to in letter from S. A. M. Wood, Pensacola, August 8, 1861, to L. P. Walker, secretary of war.
    Vol. 11--(470) Assigned to General Bee's brigade, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's division, army of the Shenandoah, June 30, 1861. (473, 474) Mentioned in General Johnston's report of the operations of the army of Shenandoah and Potomac, May 23d-July 22d. (487-495) Several mentions in General Beauregard's report of same operations. He says: "The Fourth Alabama also suffered severely from the deadly fire of the thousands of muskets which they so dauntlessly confronted under the immediate leadership of Bee himself. Its brave colonel (E. J. Jones) was dangerously wounded and many gallant officers fell, slain or hors de combat... It was now that General Johnston impressively and gallantly charged to the front with the colors of the Fourth Alabama by his side, all the field officers of the regiment having been previously disabled. The brave Bee was mortally wounded at the head of the Fourth Alabama." (569) In the list of troops engaged in the battle of Manassas, sent in by Col. Thomas Rhett. (570) 40 men killed and 157 wounded at Manassas. (836) Fourth Alabama sent to Stonewall Jackson, Richmond, May 12, 1861. [Letter of General Lee, May 12, 1861.] (861) At Harper's Ferry, May 21, 1861.
    Vol. V--(648) Mentioned by Col. George D. Wills, First Massachusetts. (1030) In Potomac district, General Beauregard, Whiting's brigade, January, 1862.
    Vol. IX--(379) General McClellan, U. S. A., informs General Burnside that troops are moving from Richmond to North Carolina, March 25, 1862.
    Vol. XI, Part I--(994) Mentioned in General Smith's report of battle of Seven Pines. (1076) Capt. G. B. Mastin killed at battle of Seven Pines.
    Vol. Xl, Part 2--(483) In Whiting's division, Jackson's corps, brigade commanded by its colonel, E. M. Law. (503) 25 killed and 113 wounded in fights before Richmond, June 26-July 1, 1862. (563-567) Highly commended in Gen. W. H. C. Whiting's report of battle around Richmond. General Whiting says: "Lieut.-Col. O.K. McLemore, Fourth Alabama, received a painful wound early in action, the command devolving on Capt. L. H. Scruggs, who conducted the regiment through." Casualties: 22 killed, 108 wounded at Gaines' Mill, and 2 killed, 13 wounded at Malvern Hill. (985) Capts. H. Armistead killed June 27th, and Alfred C. Price died of wounds received June 27th.
    Vol. XI, Part 3--(114) Mentioned in report of Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, near Yorktown, April 20, 1862. (483) In Whiting's brigade, Johnston's army, April 30th, 459 strong. (531, 652) Same assignment. (654) Mentioned in letter of General Lee to President Davis, July 25, 1862.
    Vol. XII, Part 2--(547) In General Whiting's brigade, Hood's division, Northern Virginia, during battles of August 28-September 1, 1862. (560) 18 killed, 45 wounded, Manassas Plains, August, 1862. (567) General Longstreet's report of operations commends "Col. E. M. Law at Manassas Plains on August 29th and 30th, Boonsboro, and at Sharpsburg on the 16th and 17th ....It is with no common feeling that I recount the loss at Manassas Plains of... Lieut.-Col. O.K. McLemore, Fourth Alabama." (604-606) Mentioned in General Hood's report of operations, including Freeman's Ford, Groveton and Manassas. (623-625) Report of same operations by Col. E. M. Law commanding Whiting's brigade. Mentions Colonel McLemore and highly commends Private Smith, and gives 19 killed, 44 wounded. (816) Lieut. D. C. Farris killed August 29th.
    Vol. XVIII--(782) Mentioned in letter from General Whiting to Major-General Smith.
    Vol. XIX, Part I--(805, 811) Law's brigade, Hood's division, Lee's army, Maryland campaign. Medical Director Lafayette Guild, in his report of casualties, gives 7 killed, 37 wounded, in operations from August 16th to September 2d. (922-924) Report of General Hood, of Maryland campaign, gives Fourth Alabama in engagements of Freeman's Ford, Rappahannock River, August 22d; Plains of Manassas, August 29th and 30th: Boons-boro Gap, Md., September 14th, and Sharpsburg, September 16th and 17th. At Boonsboro fell mortally wounded Lieut-Col. O. K. McLemore, a most efficient, gallant and valuable officer. Capt. L. H. Scruggs received several wounds. Colonel Law was conspicucus, commanding brigade. (937, 938) Report of Colonel Law, commanding brigade, of battle of Sharpsburg, says: "The Fourth Alabama pushed into the wood in which the skirmish had taken place the evening previous and drove the enemy through and beyond it .... Captain Scruggs commanding the Fourth Alabama received wounds while discharging his duty."
    Vol. XIX, Part 2--(719) Inspection report of Gen. R. H. Chilton, November 14, 1862: "Fourth Alabama, Col. P. D. Bowles: Arms mixed, in tolerable order, 12 wanting; 50 men needing clothes and shoes; 2 barefooted; camp in tolerable order."
    Vol. XXI--(540, 559) In Law's brigade, Hood's division, army of Northern Virginia, General Longstreet, December, 1862. Medical director reports 3 killed and 16 wounded, battle of Fredericksburg, December 11 to 15, 1862. (622, 623) Report of General Hood of same battle mentions the Fourth Alabama, and gives casualties, 5 killed and 18 wounded. (624) General Law's report of the same says: "It is with deep sorrow that I report the death of Private U.S. Smith of the Fourth Alabama regiment, an acting officer on my staff. Alabama never bore a braver son, and our country's cause has never received the sacrifice of a manlier spirit. He fell where the hour of danger always found him--at his post." He gives casualties 4 killed, 18 wounded. (1071) Assignment as above.
        No. 44--(284, 330, 339) In Law's brigade, Hood's division, army of Northern Virginia, Lieut.-Col. L. H. Scruggs in command of regiment, July, 1862. Return of casualties at battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 2 and 3, 1863, 17 killed and 49 wounded. (362) Mentioned in report of Gen. James Longstreet, Gettysburg campaign. Says General Law was severely wounded. (391, 392) Report of Lieut.-Col. L. H. Scruggs, Gettysburg campaign, says: "Both officers and men behaved with great gallantry., and many brave and good soldiers fell. Total of casualties, 87." (418, 419) Report of Gen. Henry L. Benning, Gettysburg campaign, speaks well of the Fourth and their assistance in foiling the plans of the enemy.
        No. 45--(920, 1059) Assignment as above. Col. P. D. Bowles commanding regiment.
        No. 49---(683) and No. 50--(231) Same assignment.
        No. 51--(18, 395) Assigned as above, Chickamauga campaign. Mentioned in report of Col. R. C. Tyler.
        No. 54--(223, 225, 227) General Law's brigade, Hood's division, Lieut.-Col. L. H. Scruggs in command of regiment. Mentioned in report of Gen. E. M. Law, Lookout valley, November 3, 1863: "With the assistance of the Fourth Alabama, which had cleared its front of the enemy, the line was re-established, and the enemy driven from it." (229, 230) Gen. J. L. Sheffield, commanding Law's brigade at engagement near Lookout creek, speaks several times especially of the Fourth; he says that Lieutenant-Colonel Scruggs, commanding the Fourth, co-operating with the Forty-fourth under Colonel Perry, drove the enemy from and beyond the breastworks; he returned but was again driven back. Reports 1 killed. (452) Assignment as above. Colonel Bowles in command of regiment, November 30th.
        No. 55--(658) Detached with Longstreet's corps, November 4th, for operations in East Tennessee.
        No. 56--(573) Lieutenant Manston informs Major Buford, October 21, 1863, that he has some men of the Fourth on duty who are of great service on account of their knowledge of the country. (615, 890) Refers to organization.
        No. 58--(641) Assignment, January 31, 1864, as above.
        No. 59--(722) Law's brigade, Buckner's division, department East Tennessee, March 31, 1864.
        No. 60--(339, 349, 350) Mentioned by General Merritt and A. A. Humphreys, U. S. A., Culpeper, Va., January, 1864.
        No. 67--(1022, 1060) General Law's brigade, Field's division, Lee's army, May, 1864. Twenty-two killed and 62 wounded, May 4th to 6th.
        No. 80--(763) Three killed, 6 wounded, June 13 to July 31, 1864, Richmond campaign.
        No. 82--(592) Mentioned by John C. Babcock, U. S. A.
        No. 87--(877) Seven killed and 29 wounded, August 1st to December 31st.
        No. 88--(34, 36, 159, 1215) Mentioned by Gen. B. F. Butler, Gen. R. S. Foster and in "list of rebel forces on north side of James river."
        No. 89--(1188) Assignment as above, October 31, 1864, Colonel Bowles in command. (1238) November 30th, Capt. A. D. McInnis in command. (1364) December 31st, Colonel Bowles in command.
        No. 95--(1268) Law's brigade, Field's division, Appomattox campaign, Lieutenant-Colonel Scruggs in command of regiment. (1171) January 31, 1865, Colonel Bowles in command. (1179) Inspection reports. (1269) February 28, 1865. Lieutenant-Colonel Scruggs in command.

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