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The Forty-Eighth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Forty-eighth Alabama was organized in May, 1862, at Auburn, and went into the war with overflowing ranks. Sent to Virginia, it was first brigaded under General Taliaferro, in Stonewall Jackson's division, with the Forty-seventh, from which it was never separated. The three Virginia regiments which were in the brigade were afterward exchanged for the Fourth, Fifteenth and Forty-fourth Alabama, in January, 1863--the brigade commanded by General Law--and the organization remained intact until the closing scene. The first battle of the regiment was at Cedar Run, August 9, 1862, where it lost heavily. The story of the Forty-eighth is that of the Forty-seventh.
        Scarcely had the din of the fearful fight at Gettysburg passed away, when it was sent with Longstreet's corps to General Bragg, to take part in the terrible conflict at Chickamauga, September 20th; was at Lookout Valley and Knoxville, wintering in Tennessee. Still with Longstreet, the regiment returned to the scene of its earliest encounters and fought unremittingly at the Wilderness, May 5 and 6, 1864; Spottsylvania, May 7th to 12th; Hanover Junction, Second Cold Harbor, Bermuda Hundred, Petersburg, Fussell's Mill, Fort Harrison, Darbytown road, Williamsburg road, and Farmville, and surrendered at Appomattox, in Perry's brigade, with the other Alabama regiments with whom it had served so long.
        Adjt. H. S. Figures was killed at the Wilderness; Capt. Reuben Ellis was wounded, and Capt. D. R. King killed, at Cedar Run; Capts. J. N. DeArman, killed at Petersburg, T. J. Eubanks at Lookout Valley, Isham B. Small at White Plains, R. C. Golightly at Sharpsburg, and Moses Lee at Second Bull Run. Capt. Samuel A. Cox died in the service.
        Field officers: Cols. James L. Sheffield, wounded at Cedar Run, and William C. Oates, severely wounded at Fussell's Mill, who became distinguished as a statesman in the United States Congress after the war, and was later governor of Alabama; Lieut.-Cols. A. A. Hughes, Jesse G. Aldridge and William M. Hardwick; and Majs. Enoch Aldridge, wounded at Cedar Run, and J. W. Wigginton.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XI, Part 3--(648) Taliaferro's brigade, July 23, 1862, Stonewall Jackson's division, army of Northern Virginia.
    Vol. XII, Part 2--(179) Medical director reports is killed, 61 wounded, battle of Cedar Run, August 9, 1862. (206, 207) Report of Colonel Taliaferro, Twenty-third Virginia, commanding brigade, 15 killed, 58 wounded. (209) Col. A. A. Hughes, in his report, says: "The officers and men of my command behaved gallantly." (210) Mentioned by Major Stover, commanding Tenth Virginia, in his report. (212) Mentioned with commendation in Maj. H. C.'Wood's report. (561) Medical director reports 50 wounded at Second Manassas, August 30th. (816) Capt. Moses Lee killed, August 30th.
    Vol. XVIII--(338) Mentioned by Col. J. K. Conoly, siege of Suffolk, Va.
    Vol. XIX, Part I--(808) In Taliaferro's brigade, army of Northern Virginia, during Maryland campaign. Col. J. L. Sheffield commanding brigade, after Colonels Warren and Jackson. (1008) Col. J. W. Jackson and Colonel Sheffield commanding brigade. (1009) Casualties, 10 killed, 33 wounded, at the battle of Sharpsburg, September 17, 1862. Capt. R. C. Golightly killed.
    Vol. XXI--(543) December 10, 1862, Capt. C. B. St. John commanding regiment. (562) Five wounded at battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862. (686) Mentioned by Col. E. T. H. Warren, commanding brigade, in his report of same battle. (1099) Special orders, No. 19, General Lee, January 19, 1863, transferred Forty-eighth, Forty-seventh and Fifteenth Alabama from Taliaferro's brigade, Jackson's old division, Jackson's corps, to Law's brigade, Hood's division, Longstreet's corps.
        No. 44--(284) Law's brigade (commanded by General Law and Colonel Sheffield), Hood's division, Longstreet's corps, July, 1863. (330) Medical director reports 8 killed, 67 wounded, at battle of Gettysburg, July 1 to 4, 1863.  (395, 396) Colonel Sheffield's report of the battle of Gettysburg says: "Lieuts. F. M. Burk and R. L. Ewing, and Captains Eubanks and Edwards are especially noticed for their gallantry. Lieut.-Col. W. M. Hardwick and Maj. C. B. St. John were efficient until wounded." (411) Major Bane, of Fourth Texas, refers to "the gallant Colonel Sheffield, of the Forty-eighth Alabama."
        No. 51--(18) Assignment as above, September 19 and 20, 1863, Bragg's army; Lieut.-Col. William M. Hardwick commanding regiment.
        No. 54--(228-231) Colonel Sheffield's report of the engagement near Lookout Creek, October 28th. Captain Eubanks mortally wounded, and 3 privates. Thanks Lieut Joseph B. Hardwick and Sergeant-Major Robbins. (452) November 30, 1863, with troops in East Tennessee, commanded by General Longstreet.
        No. 67--(1022) Assignment as above, May, 1864, in Field's division, Lee's army of Northern Virginia. (1060) Partial return of casualties, 11 killed, 30 wounded, May 4, 1864.
        No. 80--(763) Casualties, June 13 to July 31, 1864, killed, 4 wounded.
        No. 87--(877) Partial return of casualties, August 1 to December 31, 1864, 8 killed, 20 wounded.
        No. 88--(159) Law's brigade, Colonel Perry commanding, on north side of the James river, August, 1864.
        No. 89--(1238) November 30, 1864, Col. Wm. F. Perry in command of brigade; Maj. John W. Wigginton commanding regiment.
        No. 95--(1277) Perry's brigade paroled at Appomattox, April 9, 1865.

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