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The Forty-Seventh Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Forty-seventh regiment was organized at Loachapoka, May 22, 1862. Later, in June, the regiment arrived in Virginia and was brigaded, under General Taliaferro, with the Forty-eighth Alabama and several Virginia regiments. It was in Stonewall Jackson's "own division." The regiment received its "baptism of fire" at Cedar Run, August 9th, where Captain Menefee was killed, and nearly one-half of the effective force of the regiment wounded more or less severely, 12 being killed outright. At Second Bull Run, August 30th, the regiment again suffered severely. It fought at Chantilly, September 1st; at Harper's Ferry, September 12th to 15th, and at the battle of Sharpsburg it did not lose its record for hard fighting and heavy loss. It was at Fredericksburg, December 13th, and wintered on the Rappahannock. In January, 1863, the Forty-seventh and Forty-eighth were transferred to Law's brigade, Hood's division, Longstreet's corps, with the Fourth, Fifteenth and Forty-fourth Alabama. The early part of the spring, the regiment, under Longstreet, was operating around Richmond and Suffolk. July found it in the thickest of the fight at Gettysburg, where 4 officers out of 21 were killed, and the casualties embraced one-third of its effective force. Transferred with Longstreet's corps to the army of Tennessee, it took a prominent part at the battle of Chickamauga, September 20th, and at Knoxville, November 17th to December 4th. In early spring, Longstreet's corps was sent back to the army of Northern Virginia in time for the battle of the Wilderness, May 5 and 6, 1864; and at Spottsylvania, May 7th to 12th, with a return, as usual, of severe losses. General Perry was made brigadier, with the same organization as above, Captain Clower commanding regiment when it was paroled at Appomattox. Capts. A. C. Menefee was killed at Cedar Run, Jos. Johnson at Gettysburg, and Jas. H. Sanford at the Wilderness; Lieut. George W. Gammell was killed at Sharpsburg, and William Grimmett at Second Bull Run.
        The field officers were Cols. James M. Oliver, James W. Jackson and Michael J. Bulger; Lieut.-Col. L. R. Terrell, killed on the Darbytown road, and Majs. John G. Johnson and J. M. Campbell, the latter killed near Richmond.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XI, Part 3--(648) Taliaferro's brigade, army of Northern Virginia, July 23, 1862, Stonewall Jackson's "own division."
    Vol. XII, Part 2--(206, 207) Report of Col. A. G. Taliaferro, commanding brigade, battle of Cedar Run, August, 1862, gives 12 killed, 85 wounded. (207-209) Lieut.-Col. J. W. Jackson states that it was the first battle that any of this regiment had ever been in, and that they acted well. One captain and 11 men were killed, and 90 wounded, some of them slightly. He says that Captain Menefee conducted himself with great gallantry, and that in his death the regiment has sustained a great loss. (210) Mentioned in Maj. J. Stover's report. (212) Mentioned in Maj. H. C. Wood's report.
    Vol. XII, Part 2--(561) Medical director reports 7 killed, 25 wounded, Manassas Plains, August 30, 1862. (816) Lieut. William Grimmett, killed August 30th.
    Vol. XIX, Part I--(1009) Return of casualties, battle of Sharpsburg, September 17, 1862, 10 killed, 35 wounded; Lieut. George W. Gammell killed.
    Vol. XXI--(543) Assignment as above, December 10, 1862; Taliaferro commanding division, Colonel Warren, brigade, and Capt. James M. Campbell, regiment. (686) Mentioned in Col. E. T. H. Warren's report of battle of Fredericksburg. (1099) Special order, General Lee, January 19, 1863, transfers regiment from Taliaferro's brigade, Jackson's old division, to Law's brigade, Hood's division, Longstreet's corps.
        No. 44--(284) Law's brigade, consisting of the Fourth, Fifteenth, Forty-fourth, Forty-seventh and Forty-eighth Alabama regiments, in battle of Gettysburg; Hood's division, First army corps. Colonel Jackson, Lieuten-ant-Colonel Bulger and Maj. J. M. Campbell, successively, in command of regiment. (330) Medical director reports 10 killed, 30 wounded, in same battle. (392, 393) Mentioned in Col. William C. Oates' report. (395) Report of Maj. J. M. Campbell: "Lieut.-Col. M. J. Bulger fought most nobly. Out of 21 officers, 4 were killed; all the 21 acted well. About one-third of the whole number were killed and wounded." Footnote: "Lieutenant-Colonel Bulger was not killed. On July 16, 1863, he became colonel, vice James W. Jackson, resigned."
        No. 51--(18) Law's brigade, commanded by Colonel Sheffield; Hood's division, commanded by General Law; Longstreet's corps from army of Northern Virginia, in army of Tennessee, General Bragg, September 19 and 20, 1863.
        No. 54--(229, 230) Commended in Col. J. L. Sheffield's report of engagement near Lookout creek, October. 28, 1863; no casualties in regiment.
        No. 55--(658) Detached with Longstreet's corps for operations in East Tennessee, November 4th.
        No. 59--(722) Law's brigade, Buckner's division, March 31, 1864, department of East Tennessee; Col. M. J. Bulger commanding regiment.
        No. 67--(1060) Return of casualties (no date) gives 33 killed, 61 wounded; General Law wounded, June 3, 1863.
        No. 80--(763) Casualties, June 13 to July 31, 1864, 6 killed, 9 wounded.
        No. 87--(877) Casualties, August 1st to December 31st, 7 killed, 27 wounded.
        No. 88--(159) Reported as being on north side of James river. Colonel Bulger commanding regiment; Law's brigade, commanded by Colonel Bowles, of the Fourth.
        No. 89--Field's division, November 30, 1864, commanded by Capt. Henry C. Lindsey.
        No. 95--(1268) Perry's (late Law's) brigade, Field's division, Longstreet's corps, April, 1865; Capt. Eli D. Clower commanding regiment. (1277) Perry's brigade paroled at Appomattox.

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