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The Forty-First Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Forty-first regiment, 1,250 strong, was organized in May, 1862; was ordered from Tuscaloosa to Chattanooga; was in Middle Tennessee for some months, doing guard duty principally; was sent to Kentucky in September, brigaded under General Hanson, being the only Alabama troops in his Kentucky brigade. Under its gallant and brave Colonel Stansel, who shared its vicissitudes from the beginning until the close, it fought valiantly at Murfreesboro, December 31st to January 2d, where two of its finest lieutenants were killed, as was its brigade commander, General Hanson. Gen. Marcus Wright and Colonel Hunt, successively, commanded the Kentucky brigade, but in May, 1863, it was assigned to General Helm, and moved to Tullahoma in Breckinridge's army. The regiment was engaged in the operations for the relief of Vicksburg, and in the trenches at Jackson through the long, weary summer of 1863. Rejoining the army of Tennessee, the regiment immortalized itself at Chickamauga, September 19 and 20, 1863. Of the 325 men who went into battle, 147 were killed and wounded, several of them officers. Again it lost its brigade commander, General Helm being killed in this battle. In November, we find the regiment brigaded with the Forty-third Alabama and the First, Second, Third and Fourth battalions, Hilliard's legion (afterward known as the Fifty-ninth and Sixtieth Alabama), and Stallworth's sharpshooters, under the command of General Gracie, which organization remained identical until the surrender; took part, with considerable loss, in the campaign of East Tennessee. In April, 1864, the brigade was sent to Virginia; was at Drewry's Bluff, May 12th to 16th, and at Dutch Gap. Took part in the siege of Petersburg, March 25th to April 2d, where Maj. L. D. Hudgins was killed, and the loss was very. severe; suffered greatly at Hatcher's Run; at White Oak road it lost its brave and gallant Lieutenant-Colonel Trimmier. The regiment was bravely fighting at Appomattox, and had repulsed the enemy, when the flag of truce ended the fight, and, at the same time, the long war. Of 1,454 names on the rolls since its enrollment, there were 270 in this last fight, led by Stansel, and under the command of General Gordon. Capt. Robert H. McCord died in the service; Capt. B. A. Hudgins was wounded, and Lieuts. J. T. Hardaway and N. B. Lender-man were killed, at Murfreesboro. Capt. L. M. Clements was wounded, and Lieut. A. Hawkins and Sergt.-Maj. Ira Tarrant were killed, at Chickamauga; Capt. H. M. Bell was wounded at Hatcher's Run.
        The field officers were Cols. Henry Talbird and M. L. Stansel, wounded at Murfreesboro, and since distinguished in the political history of Alabama and at the bar; Lieut.-Cols. J. T. Murfee and T. G. Trimmier, who laid down his life at White Oak road; and Majs. Jesse G. Nash and L. D. Hudgins, the latter killed at Petersburg.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XVI, Part 2--(717) Forty-first regiment at Tuscaloosa, 1,250 strong; ordered to Chattanooga, July 2, 1862. (762, 781, 789) Guarding bridge over Hiawassee, by order of General Bragg, August. Colonel Howard authorized to call on commander for assistance to enforce orders. (800) Three companies relieved from duty at Hiawassee and ordered to join regiment, September 7th. (835) Ordered to Kentucky, September 16th.
    Vol. XX, Part I--(659, 679) In Hanson's brigade, Hardee's corps, army of Tennessee, Stone's river campaign. Casualties at battle of Murfreesboro, 16 killed, 94 wounded. Lieutenants Hardaway and N. B. Lenderman killed. (782-788) Mentioned in report of General Breckinridge. (825-829) Mentioned in report of Colonel Trabue. "Lieutenant-Colonel Stansel commanded; regiment lost two of its best officers. Casualties, 18 killed, 89 wounded. Aggregate present, 521, January 8, 1863; aggregate present and absent, 938; aggregate last return, 1,055." (829, 830) Lieutenant-Colonel Stansel's report says: "During this time two of our best lieutenants, James T. Hardaway and N. B. Lenderman, were killed, and a number of men wounded: still, however, we held our position against the most terrific assaults the enemy could bring to bear against it--a point called by General Bragg, himself, the key of the battlefield. On Friday evening, January 2d, this regiment, together with the Second, Fourth and Sixth Kentucky regiments, was ordered. to the right of our position, and proceeded down Stone's river to a point about one mile north of Wayne's hill, to make an attack upon a large body of the enemy enforced there. In this attack, from which ensued a most terrific battle, my officers and men demeaned themselves most gallantly, driving the enemy before them, across the river, entirely from the position they held, pushing forward until they came within the raking fire of the powerful batteries of the enemy, planted on the opposite bank of the river, an.d supported by almost their entire army .... So gallant was the conduct of my officers and men in this, the hardest struggle of the battle, that it would seem invidious to discriminate between them. Casualties, 18 killed, 90 wounded." (832, 835, 836, 837) Mentioned in reports.
    Vol. XX, Part 2--In Hanson's brigade, Breckinridge's division, November and December, 1863.
    Vol. XXIII, Part 2--(620) Gen. Marcus Wright commanding brigade, Breckinridge's division, January 29, 1863. (625) February 3, 1863, brigade ordered to report to Colonel Hunt at Manchester. (703) Colonel Hunt, Manchester, April 22d, assumes command of brigade. (847) In Helm's brigade, Breckinridge's division, May 21st. (849) Moved to Tullahoma by command of General Hardee.
        No. 37--(654) Before Jackson, Miss., July, 1863, 1 killed.
        No. 38--(912) General Helm ordered to move direct to Tullahoma, May 23, 1863.
        No. 51--(13) Assignment as above, at battle of Chickamauga. (197-201) Mentioned in General Breckinridge's report. (203) Mentioned in report of Colonel Lewis, commanding brigade: "The blood of her sons attests Alabama's chivalry and manhood." (206) Effective total, 401, previous to engagement at Chickamauga. (207, 208) Report of Colonel Stansel: "At about 5 p.m. (Sunday, the 20th) we were, with our brigade, constituting the center battalion in the final charge upon the fortifications occupied by the enemy, when they were completely routed and driven back for miles, resulting in a great victory to our arms. In this battle many of the officers and men demeaned themselves with marked gallantry, a fact which is amply corroborated by our large list of killed and wounded, and to them the highest commendation is due. The names of Major Nash, Captain Eddins and Adjutant Leland, and the officers in command of companies, deserve special mention. First Lieut. A. Hawkins, of Company D, fell, bravely leading his men on the works of the enemy, and Sergt.-Maj. Ira Tarrant fell, nobly discharging the duties of his position. The cool and fearless conduct of Color-Sergt. Clark Richey deserves honorable mention for the manner in which he bore the regimental colors through the shock of battle. The regiment went into battle with 325 men, and our casualties were 27 killed and 120 wounded."
        No. 54--(452) In Gracie's brigade, Buckner's division, Longstreet's corps, November 30, 1863; Lieut.-Col. T. G. Trimmier commanding regiment. (534) Mentioned by Gen. Bushrod Johnson in report of operations from November 22 to December 21, 1863. Bean's Station, (December 14th), Lieutenant-Colonel Trimmier in command of regiment.
        No. 56--(618, 628, 891)Transferred from Lewis' brigade to Gracie's brigade, November 3, 1863.
        No. 68--(207) In Gracie's brigade, Ransom's division, General Beauregard's forces on the Richmond and Petersburg lines, May, 1864.
        No. 69--(862) In Gracie's brigade, department of Richmond, Gen. Robert Ransom, May, 1864; near Drewry's bluff.
        No. 80--(775, 779) Mentioned by Gen. B. R. Johnson.
        No. 87--(909) Mentioned by Gen. B. R. Johnson, Petersburg, Va., November 6, 1864: "Three companies moved out and took the enemy's picket line in front of Gracie's salient, capturing 31 prisoners without firing a gun or losing a man."
        No. 88, No. 89--Various returns, 1864, in Gracie's brigade, Longstreet's corps, Lee's army.
        No. 95--(1287, 1588) Mentioned in report of Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson; operations from March 28 to April 9, 1865. March 30th, brigade commanded by Colonel Stansel at White Oak road. (1300) Brigade mentioned in Gen. Fitzhugh Lee's report as being at Hatcher's Run, March 31, 1865.

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