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The Thirty-Fifth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Thirty-fifth regiment was organized at La Grange in April, 1862; ordered to Corinth, it was brigaded under General Breckinridge, and went to Louisiana under his command. It took part in the engagement at Baton Rouge, August 5th, where the regiment lost heavily and displayed the superb character of its officers and men. At Port Hudson it was highly complimented by General Breckinridge. At Corinth, October 3d, its losses again were heavy and General Van Dorn praised its work. It fought in Loring's division at Baker's Creek, and, after the siege of Jackson, was ordered to Tennessee, but was sent back to Mississippi early in 1864. It took part in the fighting in Georgia and the battles around Atlanta. Under Hood at Decatur it lost heavily, and at Franklin, November 30th, lost a large proportion of its force. At Nashville, December 15th and 16th, its loss was comparatively small. It went into the Carolinas and was surrendered with the remnants of the Twenty-seventh and Forty-ninth, with which it had been consolidated the previous summer, under its gallant commander, Col. A. E. Ashford. Capt. Thaddeus Felton was killed at Corinth; Capt. Samuel D. Stewart killed and Capt. J. B. Patten wounded at Franklin. Capt. John Hanna died in the service.
        The field officers were Col. James W. Robertson; Edwin Goodwin, who died in the service; Samuel S. Ives, wounded at Franklin, and A. E. Ashford. Majs. William Hunt and John S. Dickson, killed at Franklin.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XV--(18) Gen. Earl Van Dorn, in report of the defense of Vicksburg and other operations, June 27 to September 9, 1862, gives the Thirty-fifth, Colonel Robertson, brigaded under General Preston, as among his forces. (77) Mentioned by General Breckinridge in his report of engagement at Baton Rouge, August 5th, and in the storming and occupation of Port Hudson. He says that Colonel Thompson, commanding brigade, being severely wounded, the command devolved on Colonel Robertson, whose conduct fully justified the confidence of his troops. Lieutenant-Colonel Goodwin was on duty with sharpshooters. Both these officers afterward named for gallant conduct. (90-93) Mentioned in Gen. Daniel Ruggles' report of engagement at Baton Rouge, August 5, 1862. Casualties, 4 killed, 21 wounded. (93, 95, 96, 97) Colonel Robertson's report of same engagement, as brigade commander, commends the regiment highly and particularly Lieutenant-Colonel Goodwin. The officers commanding companies were conspicuous for coolness and courage. Lieutenant-Colonel Goodwin calls attention to the zeal and daring of the men, both officers and privates. (99) Colonel Crossland, Seventh Kentucky, says that the Thirty-fifth Alabama opened and kept up a hot fire, which broke the enemy's line. (1033) Rust's brigade, department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, General Gardner, March 31, 1863. (1125) Report of surgeon of First brigade, J.W. Thompson, says that regiment, on arriving at Vicksburg, was 375 strong. Number for duty, August 11, 1862, 150; on account of sickness, asks that command be removed to a point further north.
    Vol. XVII, Part I--(375) Rust's brigade, district of the Mississippi, army of the West, General Van Dorn, October, 1862. (407-409) Mentioned in General Rust's report of operations near Corinth, October 2, 3 and 4, 1862. He says: "The conduct of the Thirty-fifth Alabama, commanded by Captain Ashford, though deprived by illness of their accomplished Colonel Robertson, could not have been improved by the presence of any officer."
        No. 36--(544) General Loring, reporting from Enterprise, Miss., April 25, 1863, says: "Enemy demanded the town. They were represented 1,500 strong. Colonel Goodwin, with the Thirty-fifth Alabama, defied them."
        No. 37--(77) General Loring's report of battle of Baker's Creek mentions the good service of the regiment. "The gallant Goodwin, Thirty-fifth Alabama, distinguished himself in the charge on the enemy's center." (82-87) General Buford's report says that Lieut. George C. Hubbard, acting as first lieutenant of Company F, Thirty-fifth Alabama, was killed. He was on a visit to the regiment and assigned temporarily to duty at the request of the captain. He calls special attention to Colonel Goodwin. (87, 88) Colonel Goodwin's report.
        No. 38--(746) Transferred to Buford's brigade, with Twenty-seventh, Fifty-fourth and Snodgrass' (Fifty-fifth) Alabama regiments, by general order, No. 64, dated Jackson, Miss., April 15, 1863. (770) General Buford, April 20th, says: "Thirty-fifth Alabama left Chattanooga this morning." (937, 1040) Buford's brigade, Loring's division, army of Mississippi, May to July, 1863.
        No. 57--(333) Assignment as above, February 20, 1864, General Polk in command. Col. Samuel S. Ives commanding regiment. (626) Colonel Johnson (cavalry) reports from near Moulton, March 24th, that regiment is near there recruiting and has determined to fall back to Smithville. Asks that it be detained there and mounted. (662, 663) Colonel Ives reports that April 12th, at night, his regiment, with detachments from the Twenty-seventh Alabama, crossed the river, surprised a camp, killing 3, and capturing 3 commissioned officers, 38 non-commis-sioned officers and privates, I negro butler and a considerable number of horses, mules, arms, equipments, etc., sustaining no loss whatsoever.
        No. 58--Colonel Ives reports a skirmish near Mount Hope on March 24, 1864; put the enemy to flight and drove them to Decatur. Regiment at Moulton, about 250 strong, but first-rate troops. Lieut.-Col. John Estes' report, April 5th, says, "Regiment is near Mount Hope."
        No. 74--(645, et seq.) Scott's brigade, Loring's division, General Polk's corps, Johnston's army in Georgia, after June 10, 1864. (For other extracts, see those in connection with the Twenty-seventh Alabama, brigade organization remaining the same.)
        No. 98--(1063) Consolidated with Twenty-seventh, Forty-ninth, Fifty-fifth and Fifty-seventh Alabama, under Col. Edward McAlexander, after April 9th, in Shelley's brigade, Stewart's corps, Johnston's army.

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