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The Thirty-Second Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The rendezvous of the regiment was at Mobile, where it was organized in April, 1862. In July it was sent into Tennessee, and received its baptism of fire at Bridgeport, where it crossed the river. It was this regiment that captured Stevenson, Tenn. It was in middle Tennessee under General Forrest, and was overpowered and lost a number of prisoners at Lavergne, October, 1862. The regiment met severe loss at Murfreesboro and its roll of honor is a long one. It was sent to the relief of Vicksburg, and did valiant work in the trenches at Jackson, where, in repulsing an attack of the enemy without loss, it slaughtered 260. It rejoined the army of Tennessee and at Chickamauga suffered severely. During the winter of 1863-64, the regiment was transferred from Adams' to Clayton's brigade and consolidated with the Fifty-eighth under Col. Bush. Jones, and took part in the Atlanta campaign; was with Hood in Tennessee, taking part at Franklin twice, at Columbia and Nashville. Transferred to the district of the Gulf under General Maury, it suffered serious losses during the siege of Spanish Fort and was finally surrendered at Meridian. Capt. G. W. Cox was severely wounded at Missionary Ridge, and Lieuts. J. J. Keith and Hiram Slay were killed at Murfreesboro.
        The field officers were Col. Alexander McKinstry, Lieut.-Col. Harry Maury, captured at Lavergne. wounded at Murfreesboro and Jackson, afterward transferred to the command of the Fifteenth Confederate. After consolidation, Col. Bush. Jones was in command; he was promoted and succeeded by Maj. Harry Thornton, and later by Maj. John C. Kimbell. Majs. Thomas P. Ashe and Thomas S. Easton were also among its officers.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XVI, Part I--(889-891) Report of Gen. S. B. Maxey of attack at Bridgeport and Battle Creek, August 27, 1862: "I ordered the Twenty-third Alabama infantry, Colonel McKinstry, to cross the river. They crossed and formed in line of battle near the crest of the hill. The enemy's cavalry dashed forward at full speed and were permitted to come within 50 yards of the infantry before a gun was fired, when a galling fire was poured into them and they retreated .... A company of the Thirty-second Alabama, armed with the Enfield rifle, commanded by Lieut. A. Sellers, was placed in the center, in ambush, and as the enemy came up the hill, in very close range, this company arose and delivered its deadly fire simultaneously with the wings, and they (the enemy) broke and fled in perfect confusion ... The Thirty-second Alabama did nobly, fighting like veterans under their able colonel (McKinstry), seconded by Lieutenant-Colonel Maury, distinguished for gallantry and coolness on the field. Our loss was trifling." (952) Lieutenant-Colonel Maury informs General Jones that after a few hours' fighting, the enemy was driven from Stevenson and place occupied by our troops, August 31st.
    Vol. XVI, Part 2--(762) August 17, 1862, to be left at Chattanooga, in Maxey's brigade, under Maj.-Gen. Sam Jones. (764) Gen. J. K. Jackson's brigade, army of the Mississippi, General Polk, August 18-20, 1862. (857) Gen. Sam Jones leaves Colonel McKinstry in command at Chattanooga, September 20, 1862. (862) Lieut.-Col. H. Maury ordered to take part at Tullahoma, September 21st. (864) Guards of Thirty-second to be relieved by Colonel Russell's cavalry, September 21st. (886, 890) Instructions to Colonel McKinstry. (907) Lieutenant-
Colonel Maury ordered by General Jones to move regiment to Murfreesboro, October 4th. (918) Mentioned by General Jones. (929) Ordered to report to General Forrest, October 9th. (931) General Jones inquires regarding Lieutenant-Colonel Maury and regiment. (938) Lieutenant-Colonel Maury and 35 men reported captured at Lavergne, October. (981) Regiment assigned to Second brigade, Col. J. B. Palmer, army of Middle Tennessee, October 28, 1862, General Breckinridge.
    Vol. XX, Part I--(659) Daniel W. Adams' division, Hardee's corps, army of Tennessee, December and January, 1863. (678) Return of casualties, battle of Murfreesboro, December 31st, 21 killed, 84 wounded. Lieuts. J. J. Keith and Hiram Slay killed; 2 killed January 2d. (793, 794) Mentioned in report of same battle by General Adams: "Lieut.-Col. H. Maury was wounded in the side with a minie-ball while leading his men, with his colors in his hand, and deserves praise for his gallant conduct. Lieut. J. L. Chandler deserves great praise for his courage and coolness under the trying circumstances in which he was placed." (795-799) Reports of Col. Randall L. Gibson. Regiment held in reserve January 2d. Several times mentioned. Aggregate present, January 8th, 261. (800) Report of Lieut.-Col. Henry Maury: "Adjt. John L. Chandler acted with conspicuous gallantry. Officers and men all did their duty." (802) Mentioned in Maj. J. E. Austin's report. (973) Roll of honor, battle of Murfreesboro: Private James Clemens,(*) Company A; Corp. Vincent H. Joiner, B; Private Edmund Davis, C; Corp. John C. Oliver,(*) D; Private Reuben Dumas, E; Private Nathaniel F. Wheeler,(*) F; Corp. James H. Dove, G; Private Alfred C. Hulls, H; Sergt. Geo. W. Vansandt, I; Corp. Elijah P. Gabel,(*) K.
    Vol. XX, Part 2--(419, 431) Second brigade, Col. J. B. Palmer, Breckinridge's division, Polk's corps, army of Tennessee, General Bragg, November, 1862. (456) Adams' brigade, Hardee's corps, near Eagleville, Tenn., December, 1862. (459) December 21st, assigned to duty with Preston's brigade until Adams' brigade joins division.
        No: 37--(654) Casualties before Jackson, Miss., 1 wounded. (655, 656) Report of General Adams, engagement of July 12, 1863, gives great praise to regiment. Lieutenant-Colonel Maury was wounded. Capt. John C. Kimbell's report.
        No. 51--(13) Adams' brigade, Breckinridge's division, Hill's corps, army of Tennessee, General Bragg, Chickamauga campaign. (197) Mentioned in report of General Breckinridge. (216-219) Mentioned in report of General Gibson of battle of Chickamauga: strength, 145. (219, 220) Maj. John C. Kimbell's report of September 20th, 2 wounded. (227) Mentioned in report of J. E. Austin.
        No. 53--(661, 745) Clayton's brigade, army of Tennessee. Casualties, battle of Missionary Ridge, November 23 to 25, 1863, 8 killed and 34 wounded.
        No. 56--(618, 686) October 31, 1863, regiment commanded by Capt. John W. Bell. Transferred to Clayton's brigade, Stewart's division, November 12th. (805, 824) Thirty-second and Fifty-eighth commanded by Col. Bush. Jones, December 10th. Total present (consolidated), 325.
        No. 57--(479) Casualties at Rocky Face mountain, February 24 and 25, 1864, 3 killed, 31 wounded.
        No. 74--(641, 649) Assignment as above. (657, 664, 672) Holtzclaw's brigade, Clayton's division, July to August, 1864. (832-834) Report of Gen. H. D. Clayton of engagements from May 7 to May 27, 1864 (Atlanta campaign), speaks of "their unexceptional conduct" at Resaca. "The Thirty-second and Fifty-eighth pushed up to within a few paces of the enemy's works without hesitation, though they knew what was before them, and the fate they would certainly encounter." List of casualties for the consolidated regiments gives 3 killed and 36 wounded. (841, 844) Report of Col. Bushrod Jones of operations May 7th to 28th: "Lieut. John H. Jones was unhurt in the fight, but was captured while endeavoring to have our wounded brought off the field Lieut. J. G. Goldthwait was wounded in wrist and Capt. G. W. Cox had his left thigh broken. My command behaved with rare and exemplary gallantry." May 15th, strength 345; killed 15, wounded 54; May 25th, strength, 225; killed 3, wounded 36; total, 18 killed, 90 wounded.
        No. 78--(854) Assignment as above, Hood's army, September 20, 1864. Maj. Harry I. Thornton, of Fifty-eighth Alabama, in command of consolidated regiment. No. 79--(879) Total present, 240, November 7, 1864.
        No. 93--(665) Assignment as above, December 10, 1864.
        No. 103--(1046) Holtzclaw's brigade, district of the Gulf, General Maury, March 10, 1865.
        No. 104--(1131) Consolidated regiment, under Major Kimbell, directed to hold command in readiness to skirmish with enemy and, if hard pressed, to fall back in Spanish Fort, March 20, 1865. (1132) Near Hollywood, March 20, 1865.
(*)Killed in action.

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