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The Thirtieth Alabama Infantry Regiment

        The Thirtieth was organized at Talladega in April, 1862, and reported for service at Chattanooga. It was later brigaded under General Tracy with the Twentieth, Twenty-third, Thirty-first and Forty-sixth Alabama regiments. It took part in the fights at Tazewell and Cumberland Gap, and went into Kentucky; then being sent to Mississippi, fought at Port Gibson, May 1, 1863, with severe loss, making a brilliant record there and at Baker's Creek; it was captured when Vicksburg fell, after having suffered untold hardships. When paroled, it recruited and joined the army near Chattanooga. It fought at Rocky Face and at Resaca, and was in the van of the army in the Tennessee campaign of the fall and winter of 1864. At New Hope, May, 1864; Atlanta, July 22d, and Jonesboro, the regiment lost heavily; but it suffered still more severely at Nashville, whence it formed the rear guard in returning to Duck river. The regiment was transferred to the Carolinas, fought at Kinston and Bentonville, March 19, 1865, surrendering at last at Greensboro, with about 100 men. This regiment was noted for the number of its field officers killed.
        Its field officers were Col. Charles M. Shelley, who was made brigadier-general and who afterward served in the United States House of Representatives; Col. James K. Elliott, wounded at Bentonville; Lieut.-Cols. Paul Bradford, who resigned; A. J. Smith, who was killed at Vicksburg; John C. Francis, killed at Rocky Face; Thomas Patterson, killed at Atlanta, and William H. Burr; Maj. William Patterson, who was wounded at Baker's Creek and resigned. Capt. Henry Oden was killed at Vicksburg, Captain Peacock at Bentonville, Capt. David Anderson at Baker's Creek, Capt. William S. McGhee at Atlanta, and Capt. Jack Derrill near Atlanta.

Extracts From Official War Records

    Vol. XVI, Part 2--(715) Second brigade, General Stevenson's division, department of East Tennessee, Gen. Kirby Smith, June 30, 1862. (719, 984) Barton's brigade, department East Tennessee, July to October.
    Vol. XVII--(825) Field report, near Vicksburg, Tracy's brigade of Smith's division, January 3, 1863, shows regiment 400 strong.
        No. 36--(678-682) Colonel Garrott in his report of battle of Port Gibson, May 1, 1863, commends the regiment in the highest terms: "Commanded by the cool, brave and gallant Colonel Shelley and the five left companies of the Twentieth regiment under the immediate command of the fearless and chivalrous Lieut.-Col. E W. Pettus, had obstinately resisted every effort of the enemy to dislodge them .... All officers and men did their whole duty. It seemed to be impossible for men to behave better; but certain positions gave some better opportunities for distinction than others. This was particularly the case with the Thirtieth Alabama regiment." He thanks Sergt.-Maj. W. K. McConnell for his services.
        No. 37--(95) Mentioned by Gen. C. L. Stevenson, report of battle of Baker's Creek, May 16, 1863. (100-103) Report of Gen. S. D. Lee, of same battle, says: "Regiment behaved with distinguished gallantry against heavy odds." Particularly mentions Colonel Shelley and Maj. T. H. Patterson, and Capt. David M. Anderson, who was killed. Adjutant Houston and Sergt.-Maj. W K. McConnell particularly noticed. (326) Gen. S. D. Lee's brigade, army of Vicksburg, July 4, 1863, Capt. John C. Francis commanding regiment. (350) General Lee in his report of siege of Vicksburg, commends the regiment for its gallantry and vigilance. Particularly mentions Colonel Shelley, Lieut.-Col. J. B. Smith and Capt. John C. Francis. (354) Mentioned by Maj. G. W. Mathieson. (357-358) Mentioned in report of Col. T. N. Waul. [See Extracts, Twentieth Alabama.]
        No. 38--(612, 703) Tracy's brigade, Stevenson's division, department of Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana, General Pemberton, January to April, 1863. (1059) Lee's brigade, army of Vicksburg, August 29, 1863.
        No. 55--(662) Pettus' brigade, Stevenson's division, army of Tennessee, General Bragg, November 12, 1863. (724) Return of casualties, November 24th and 25th, 4 killed, 17 wounded. (725-727) Mentioned in report of Gen. J. C. Brown, commanding Stevenson's division, of battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge.
        No. 56--(804, 823, 884) Assignment as above, December, 1863, Hardee's army corps. Total present, 506. Maj. J. C. Francis commanding regiment.
        No. 57--(482-483) Gen. E.W. Pettus, February 25, 1864, reports one man wounded.
        No. 74--(641-672) Assignment as above, to August 31, 1864.
        No. 93--(665) Assignment as above, December 10, 1864. Lieut.-Col. James K. Elliott commanding regiment. (694-697) Mentioned by General Stevenson in his report of campaign in Tennessee, September 29th to December 17th. No. 94--(799, 801) Aggregate present, January, 1865, 275. Stevenson's division, Lee's corps, commanded by Gen. E. W. Pettus, January 20th.
        No. 100--(733) Pettus' brigade, Colonel Bibb commanding, army of Tennessee. Capt. S. C. Kelly commanding regiment, March 31, 1865.

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