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The Battle of 2nd Manassas
(The Second Battle of Bull Run )
August 28-30, 1862

In order to draw Pope's army into battle, Jackson ordered an attack on a Federal column that was passing across his front on the Warrenton Turnpike on August 28. The fighting at Brawner Farm lasted several hours and resulted in a stalemate. Pope became convinced that he had trapped Jackson and concentrated the bulk of his army against him. On August 29, Pope launched a series of assaults against Jackson's position along an unfinished railroad grade. The attacks were repulsed with heavy casualties on both sides. At noon, Longstreet arrived on the field from Thoroughfare Gap and took position on Jackson's right flank. On August 30, Pope renewed his attacks, seemingly unaware that Longstreet was on the field. When massed Confederate artillery devastated a Union assault by Fitz John Porter's command, Longstreet's wing of 28,000 men counterattacked in the largest, simultaneous mass assault of the war. The Union left flank was crushed and the army driven back to Bull Run. Only an effective Union rearguard action prevented a replay of the First Manassas disaster. Pope's retreat to Centreville was precipitous, nonetheless. The next day, Lee ordered his army in pursuit. This was the decisive battle of the Northern Virginia Campaign.

Campaign Description Presents the campaign description, including actions at Cedar Mountain and Groveton.  A map is provided for the battle itself.
The Situation in July, 1862 Chapter 1 of "The Army Under Pope" By John Codman Ropes Just a great lead in to the battle of 2nd Manassas.
The Battle of Groveton Chapter 8 of "The Army Under Pope" By John Codman Ropes. See how Jackson was able to hold off Pope's army until the rest of the ANV could come up in this very exciting part of the Battle of 2nd Bull Run.
The Battle of Manassas Chapter 10 of "The Army Under Pope" By John Codman Ropes. See what happens when the rest of the ANV is on the field.
The Battle of Chantilly Chapter 11 of "The Army Under Pope" By John Codman Ropes. Describes the aftermath of 2nd Manassas where two of the Union's finest were killed.
Lee's Campaign Against Pope A great campaign description with a Confederate slant. Taken from the Confederate Military History.
Longstreet At Manassas Chapter 14 of Longstreet's book "From Manassas to Appomattox".  A Southern slant but a good read.
Manassas  According to Shotgun This is a description that I wrote just to help the folks that are newcomers to this battle understand it.
My Guns, His Guns! A series of articles written by S.D. Lee and Longstreet, published in the Southern Historical Society Papers, arguing about whose artillery did what at the battle of 2nd Manassas.
Jackson's Raid Around Pope Taken from "Battles and Leaders," this a good description of Jackson coming to 2nd Manassas. "Foot Cavalry" in action!
Strength of the Armies A good comparison of the relative strength of the armies taken from the "Southern Historical Society Papers".
The Case of Fitz John Porter More on the Porter Court-Martial from "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War."
The Second Battle of Bull Run The loser's side of the story from "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War."


From The Official Records of The War of the  Rebellion
Summary of Principal Events     Taken from the Official Records, a summary of the principal events beginning Aug. 16, '62.
Fitz-John Porter Court-Martial Some of the Official Records of this famous Court-Martial.
Pope's General Orders These  are a series of General Orders that Pope gave to his army when he took over that helped to set not only McClellan but the Southern people against him.
Pope's Message to the Army This one really didn't sit well with the rank and file.
Order of Battle (ANV) Presents the Order of Battle for Lee's Army of Northern Virginia
Order of Battle (Federal) Presents the Order of Battle for the Federal Army. However, it was not taken from the Official Records. They don't have one.

Official Reports (After Battle)

Union Reports
Brig. Gen. John Gibbon
Maj. Gen. Samuel P. Heintzelman
Brig. Gen. Philip Kearny
Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell
Brig. Gen. George G. Meade
Brig. Gen. John F. Reynolds
Brig. Gen. James B. Ricketts
Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel
Brig. Gen. George Sykes
Col. Gouverneur K. Warren

Confederate Reports
Lieut. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson
Gen. Robert E. Lee
Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet
Col. Leroy A. Stafford
Maj. Gen. James E. B. Stuart
Brig. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox

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