Second Battalion of Artillery (Alabama Artillery)

        Battery A of this battalion, under the command of Capt. Stephen Charpentier, served in the defenses of Mobile until the spring of 1863, when it was attached to General Featherstone's brigade, and afterward did service in Mississippi, known as Charpentier's battery. Battery C served in General Hébert's brigade and lost heavily at the siege of Vicksburg, where its captain, T. K. Emanuel, was killed. The remnant of the battery continued to serve under the command of Capt. John D. Haynie in the army of Mobile until the surrender. Battery E seems to have served continuously under the command of Capt. J. B. Hutchisson, at or near Mobile.

Extracts From Official War Records

Battery A.
    No. 38--(936) Featherstone's brigade, May 30, 1863, Jackson, Miss. (1041) Same assignment, July 30th. (1050) Mentioned by Maj. L. Hoxton, near Morton, Miss., August 8th.
Battery C.
    No. 37--(326) Under Lieut. J. R. Sclater, in General Hébert's brigade, army of Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. (329) Capt. T. K. Emanuel killed at siege of Vicksburg. (369) Loss, 6 killed, 6 wounded, Vicksburg. (373) One wounded, June 25th. (378) Seven killed, 8 wounded, Vicksburg siege.
    No. 38--(1060) In Forney's division, August 29, 1863.
    No. 42--(131) In General Canty's brigade, Maury's army, August 1, 1863. (157) In Mobile, Ala., August 10th.
    No. 103--(1048) In Gladden's battery, army of Mobile, March 10, 1865.
Battery E.
    No. 42--(39) In Slaughter's brigade, Maury's army, June 8, 1863.
    No. 103--(1048) In Gladden's battery, army of Mobile, March 10, 1865.
Charpentier's Battery.
    No. 53--(515) Featherstone's brigade, Loring's division, army of Mississippi, August 20, 1863.
    No. 56--(757).
    No. 57--(332).
    No. 58--(520, 584).
    No. 59--(604, 659) Assignment as above, to March, 1864. (863) Assignment as above, April 30th, but reported as in Myrick's battalion, Stevenson's division, April 24th.
   No. 74--(875) Mentioned in report of General Loring, near New Hope church, May 13, 1864. (994) Mentioned under Lieutenant Jenks, in report of Gen. G. J. Pillow, Oxford, Ala., June 30th.
    No. 75--(656) Mentioned in Loring's division, about May 1, 1864.
    No. 78--(791, 811, 887) With General Adams, central Alabama, August and September, 1864.
   No. 79--(865) With Maj. H. C. Semple, October, 1864. (872) Effective total, 64, at Mobile. (876) In Burnett's command, Maury's army, November 1st.
    No. 94--(633) With Major Semple, Maury's army, December 1, 1864.
    No. 101--(681) Mentioned, 70 strong, at Mobile, January 30, 1865.
    No. 103--(942) Called Jenks' battery, 76 present, with Maj. Henry C. Semple, army of Mobile, March 29, 1865. (1014) Started to Selma, February 25th.
    No. 104--(226) In Fuller's brigade, Wilcox county, Ala., April, 1865. (364) Jenks' battery, Montgomery, April, 1865.

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